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  1. what about stop crying abut everything in the game? this is a grind style game - why to destory only f2p system that actually works ?

  2. What are you talking about?? I’m trying to HELP F2P players. Paragon 327 and 3k cr is NOT okay. Only way to really raise that is by buying crests or hang out in h2 until you get upgrades.

  3. no you want free shit without playing the game . That means , you want it also for whales. You are casual who want top gear for nothing. Every grinder in the game have already high stats triples in every sloth.

  4. Three most recent, thank goodness. Otherwise you’d have whales with permanent +60%.

  5. nah 8x3 = 24% , 12%is max and its only for leaders .. 20% badge is only 1time thingy for longest reign.. only one player on server hold it.

  6. $5 reward for taking $175+ dollars from consumers. What a fucking joke. This company is a clown circus.

  7. what if i go for lvl 10 , becasue i like what i read about that gem, and i spend 10k for it.. i get 2 crests too.

  8. You are looking at PVE CR. 7560 resonance is capped. Most important stat for pvp. you can see your PVP combat rating in shadow war results. Whales have 10%dmg/and dmg red. bonus on you and also higher stats from resonance. For pvp is better to level trash 5 stars then bsj for example , because you get more reso for the same amount of platinum.

  9. This is incorrect, a player with more cr will have a max 10% dmg increase/decrease dmg taken buff over you if they have significantly more CR than you. It literally says that in the attribute description.

  10. then he goes to show his strength in BG and kills himself by hitting a stunned 7K reso

  11. ppl constantly quitting we need fresh blood , who gives a fk about h2-h3.. give new players super boost to get quickly into h5.. 1500% xp + and 300% better drop rates till h5. We need them in h5, not struggling in h1-h4.

  12. The vast majority of servers cannot find groups for any content other that elder rifts in any difficulties below H 4-5.

  13. Looks like OP has a new great idea and needs to know if stock is going to 300%+ today and its worth to hold it for tommorow.

  14. what a stupid idea. You know you can get few leg crests as f2p or lowspender here and there. Its actually amazing catch for someone who is buyin only 5usd battlepass.

  15. I’m 238 paragon and have never found the gathering ww chestplate for barb. Not sure which is worse friend.

  16. There was a beta where the number one complaint was that the warband system was dumb.

  17. top 1 joke was charm for sure , noone liked it and they didnt changed anything about it ,

  18. could anybody guess how much plat on avg is to get at least 4% upgrade , i spent like 40k platinum without any upgrade..

  19. i dont know what game are you playing guys , but i run usually 6 pieces 3ples, and when i find new one 20paragon later is almost always massive upgrade. I am always around 30-40% exp gain so you cant say im not playing enough.

  20. dont be naive , its planned as paid service for the future exactly like that annoying small stash.

  21. they just waiting to milk us more , when ppl calm down about microtransactions. Those locked skins , frames , portals , small stash - they are waiting to monetize it in future.

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