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  1. Im a red, white, and blue blooded american and this is the most stereotypical american i have ever seen.

  2. Gherman is one of my favorite bosses in bloodborne because he felt like a true final boss. I beat him first try but he pushed me to my limits, i had no blood vials, no quicksilver bullets, and i only had half my health left by the time i beat him. Then i died to moon presence because i had nothing left which kinda put a damper on the climax but yknow still fun.

  3. Thats ueiaisuwuauus he was supposed to kill anyone who tried to install a QoL mod Fabsol didnt like.

  4. Can nobody give context pls I don’t want to know what this is about

  5. It isnt Scp-096. If you dont view his face he will not run to your exact location, while screaming and wailing, with a known way to stop him, and murder you. This photo in particular doesnt have 4 pixels of his face that isnt enough to trigger the reaction. This didnt cause an incident where while 096 wasnt after a guy who didnt look at this picture he took a while back, 096 didnt kill several scp foundation security who werent using faulty technology which most likely wasnt made intentionally faulty by a guy who didnt want to prove scp 096 needed to be killed. A security didnt kill himself after seeing scp 096 do nothing to an infant.

  6. I tried genshin out of curiosity and it never really got me interested so i stopped playing very early on. Its a free game so might as well try it out and see if you like it.

  7. Oh shit same lol, i was playing Dark souls Remastered

  8. Scythes look cool so i use them most of the time. Lifesteal is pretty cool though.

  9. In that case yeah i can like a movie or show with an unlikeable protagonist

  10. Based on the concept art from a while ago she would be disgusting deformed and kinda hot.

  11. Ludwig fight. Lady maria is close though and i was disappointed when i beat her first try because she was so fun i wanted to die just to fight her again.

  12. Its my personal favorite weapon against SCal. The dps even in my revengeance playthrough was high enough and its very consistent because of its slight homing so i can focus a little more on dodging projectiles. Zenith and Elysian knives when im low are what i use every fight.

  13. This is a suuuper easy one, Ludwig The Holy Blade from bloodborne

  14. How are Hiroshi Miyano, Minato Shinji, Yoshikuni Jojo, and Yasushi Watanabe doing, just asking.

  15. are they not the people who murdered and raped that japanese school girl? Idk I read that somewhere

  16. Im sure yakuza 3 doesnt have a trans character in one of the sub stories

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