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  1. Dead democrat voters outnumber republicans 2-1 here in this great state

  2. They mailed out millions of ballots with very little effort to validate signatures. You could see through a hole in the ballot envelope which you could see through to the ballot selections - there are videos of it. I took a video too and I kept the ballot in an evidence bag. In my fantasy world, they will be needed later on for a big election integrity investigation.

  3. Did he really quit YouTube though? He is just posting to rumble first he is still uploading to YouTube. A video was uploaded an hour ago.

  4. Still not sure how much I trust Russell. Seems like controlled opposition.

  5. They shoot 600 rounds in basic training and it looks like this guy has shot a damn sight more than 600 rounds in his career.

  6. From Google. How many rounds did you shoot in total?

  7. Don't expect to find extinct intelligent life here. Mathless pseudoscience prevails, some entertainment value but mostly BS. Naturally, Hoaxter trolls here for suckers to buy his nonsense. Rarely interesting items anymore.

  8. Wow, you have convinced me of the error of my ways. I shall never visit this sub again, instead I will go to

  9. The only kicker is: they said in every literature, TV appearance, ton of articles and iirc on EUA application that mRNA doesn't leave the site of injection.

  10. Even if they eventually lose in court and have pay up, who cares? It's all taxpayers money anyway. Imagine if you were running an entity with authority that is almost completely immune from any personal legal risk, and you have the morals of a politician, you'd just do whatever you wanted to.

  11. Yes some one there.. totally an inappropriate joke. But come on are we really the type of people to rake someone over the coals for political correctness?

  12. You were forced to get a shot? Who held you down while you were kicking and screaming? Was it the secret vaccine police force led by Hillary Clinton?

  13. Not this "you had a choice" bullshit again...

  14. Show me where they forced you to do anything. And don't cry about masks. Mofos acted like wearing a mask would kill them because they're so childish.

  15. Sooo we should condem the good work now because of the shady decisions he made in the past?

  16. That plane was used for business and pleasure and I bet while the two sometimes mixed, they often did not. Definitely a bad look for RFKJR but still something different than Bill Clinton (confirmed pervert/long suspected pedo) who flew like 26 times.

  17. Yes, not everyone who flew on the express fucked kids. Epstein was a likely Mossad spy who needed to gain as much influence and access as he could. He essentially gave people free "taxi" rides as a way to curry favor. He likely offered the use of his girls to anyone who seemed likely they might be open to it, but it's unlikely that everyone propositioned took him up on that.

  18. Saturday night was for wives, but Friday night on the Lolita was always for the girlfriends.

  19. I mean I can make up stats too, that doesn’t automatically make them meaningful.

  20. Glad to help! LinkedIn recruiters these days are very good resources too. I landed my current AE role through one (granted he was a friend of a friend but still)

  21. I think it's wild this user posted all their offer details. Nobody's worried that these companies will find his post and rescind their offer?

  22. Same here. There are a lot of confused young men there with very conservative beliefs. Their advice about romantic relationships, hijab, and various other hot topics was irredeemable awful 95% of the time.

  23. They just filed a lawsuit and you're already celebrating? What if Ronnie ends up winning?

  24. US doctors are also incentivized to ask all patients if there are guns in their homes.

  25. Since when? Have you heard of Docs Vs Glocks law? Many states they are not allowed to ask. There's a lot of ambiguity and I'm sure they can still you have any source about docs being incentivized? And who would incentivize them?

  26. The obvious solution was to test everyone weekly though, not give up and test no one

  27. Why didn't these darn doctors do the snart thing (the thing I wanted). Going back to old normal is ruining my life!

  28. I've only ever seen Trump listed for one flight, which he used as a sort of uber from New York to Florida, or Florida to Jersey, something like that. Also, I think it was Epstein's brother that offered the plane to Trump.

  29. Can you tell more about Jeff making advances on someone's daughter at Mar-a-lago? Where did you hear that?

  30. “Terrific guy,” he famously told New York magazine. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

  31. Trump flew 7 times on Lolita Express, Clinton flew 9 times. Both disgusting perverts!

  32. In many states it is illegal to show your W-2. In fact asking about past pay is illegal in those states as well.

  33. People make outrageous claims about their success and sales accolades. I have definitely asked for W2's. 50 percent proved their claims and 50 percent told me fk off.

  34. A W2 doesn’t prove that, though. In some positions, you can be at 150% of quota making 95k, others 250k.

  35. I would want some kind of proof when something is a really off, like someone making 3x the average for their position. I still have people who are unaware we have ways to check if they graduated from where they say they did.

  36. Make friends with people who work at the Hotels. Tourists buy them all the time, and leave them in the room when they leave.

  37. Yes but they buy Costco boards. I have done it many times but I usually leave them at the beach.

  38. Used to go there as a kid. Once I broke my arm and when it was time to remove the cast, the cutting machine cut into my arm. The Doctor kept insisting "No, this machine doesn't cut skin, only plaster." Once the cut was made, he pulled away the cut piece to reveal my bloody arm and a nice 4" long gash he just made. Fuck you Dr. Posner, I still have the scar you fucking quack.

  39. In the Olde days casts were made of plaster

  40. It might be worse, today, but 3k overdoses twenty years ago was still a crisis. It was a crisis in the 50s, the 60s, 70s & 80s, too.

  41. No it wasn't a crisis or an epidemic, no one gave a shit because 3,000 people dying is statistically insignificant.

  42. Idk what you're even talking about at this point. Yes, 296/300,000,000 is statistically insignificant.

  43. Lol that one guy tagging the exact reddit post back to her while laughing was pure gold. Yikes.

  44. I wonder if her birthing persons read her Twitter...

  45. That’s…what research is my guy. The article summary tells you all you need to know

  46. Ahahaha you didn't even read the article! Dumbest shill ever. No wonder you can't get a paid shill job!

  47. Let him know that his timeline is not meeting your needs, and he is going to need to move forward ASAP.

  48. He's such a little waspy twat WEF bitchboy. Just spraying covid everywhere.

  49. Does even Ukraine want some gang banger’s shitty hi-pointe?

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