1. If we get light, I want dark. Dark + pyro creates burning that's permanent until the creature dies.

  2. Yeah from the beat drop in the trailer to the whole being manipulated by a powerful dude to the harsh past AND to the tree shenanigans scara seems to be getting a bit of honkai treatment here

  3. kinda looks like he's using the playable tall model instead of npc models

  4. if that's true that makes me pretty happy, I kinda wish some story relevant/important npc's would use a playable model, even if they're not going to be playable. Obviously not all of them, but like some story recurrent npcs that won't show up in overworld, they don't have to have complicated playable character designs either, I just feel like some non vision holders and npcs in the story deserve a unique model even if they're not gonna be playable

  5. Holy- the art is gorgeous 😭 I mean like no shit it always is but maybe it's the fact that scara's the one getting a whole archon quest to himself after only showing up twice in 2 years and peacing out right after each time that makes me appreciate the art even more

  6. I don't know but if she was ever reintroduced in honkai (one can dream πŸ₯²) she might have some sort of connection to the imaginary tree or smth if they wanna explain her powers. or like a stigma of some sort, they could also bring in the shadows she saw as a kid in gakuen or her shadow always calling her a monster.

  7. annnd I've rambled again, sorry I just feel happy everytime someone brings her up but also very VERY sad that she's been nonexistant in honkai for like 4 years already and gakuen's stories are almost impossible to find translated (especially if there are any sin focused ones, there reeeally don't seem to be any of those translated if they exist at all)

  8. fuck it i'll watch magica madoka. i've seen nuff of these memes im interested.I'll tell y'all how its goin , Im confused its all just movies which fucking one do i start with

  9. Start with the 12 episode series, movies 1 and 2 are just recaps with prettier transformations so you dont have to watch them, movie 3 is a direct continuation of the series so watch that afterwards, there's another movie coming out too I think so you can watch that once it's come out after watching everything else

  10. I was wondering why some chick got her fucking body rag dolled accross the screen by some weird fucker with no explanation of what happened. thank you i'll now actually watch it

  11. I prefer how the manga did it.

  12. Yeah I kinda wish that was how they did it in the anime as well lmao, like just imagine everyone's reaction

  13. It'd be awesome! Perfect revenge and being morally correct, what could go wrong?

  14. Yeah ik mans was just there, being gwyn on the other hand πŸ˜₯

  15. I found out from that one trypophobia meme, (i thought it was someone's oc or smth and i had no idea it was an actual game 😭) after that i saw a few memes and i think a shipping meme, I saw older aubrey and I was like "oh cool pink haired girl" then I found out it was a game that was an emotional roller-coaster apparently, but I still had no idea what it was about or who the characters even were

  16. Ohh you're collei's English va! that's awesome, the voice you give her is amazing, it really grew on me

  17. Funny that he’s considered more androgynous than Lumine is. Even though they literally look the same.

  18. Cuz lumine's got girlier clothes probably. I'm sure if their clothes were similar in style or even the same then they'd be considered the ultimate pair of fuck you to gender

  19. Ocean Blondie ToT. It mostly consists of Happy Tree Friends, but Danganronpa will become a main mascot on there soon.

  20. Lmao I never thought I'd see that show get mentioned anywhere, much less here of all places

  21. Bro I literally thought I was looking at a post from the danganronpa subreddit (I thought it was shuichi for a sec) πŸ’€ he looks so good though very nice drawing

  22. Y’all please do not ship these two. She knew collei when she was a child. That’s gross.

  23. Yeah I usually don't have a problem with people shipping characters and leave them alone but I really don't like this ship in particular

  24. I had to stay until the last one, even though she kept telling me to move on and I was nervous whenever I tried to talk to her again

  25. Oh man, I fell in the "judge a book by its cover" because of that first image:2461:

  26. lmaoo thanks, I was actually trying to draw a kel meme in the first page

  27. The lighting on the pages is inconsistent as hell but yk what whatever it's still kel

  28. I was scrolling furiously, afraid to be the only Collei simp !

  29. Collei's awesome! I can't believe more people don't like her, is it cuz most people haven't read the manga?

  30. Collei, because manga reasons Seriously the manga made me absolutely love her and I actually like her design in-game as well, although i still prefer the short hair (short hair collei skin when mhy?)

  31. I honestly like collei's in-game model better than her official art, she looks cuter

  32. she looks like a bitter fallen khanri'an princess who seeks revenge from her kingdom that wronged her (this is very oddly specific, but i somehow was enlightened by this edit and was able to put this into words 😨)

  33. You don't understand how much I would scream if I saw kyushou or sin appear in the game (and actually be important and playable?!?!? 😭)

  34. Didn't the main story already end in GGZ? It ended with

  35. Yeah that part of the story ended, but the main story continued with the world after the reset called "reborn" with the entry of houraiji kyushou, the person at the end of the "see you in the next world" animated pv (the previous storyline was called "retrospect")

  36. Why do it's movements fucking remind me of a roblox character 😭😭😭

  37. Lmaoo we can fight timmie?? Poor kid will never catch a break (I'm coming for you pigeon child, nothing will save you or your birds)

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