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  1. Giants fans, what happened to Kenny Golladay? Wasn't he supposed to be WR1?

  2. Then you should be fine I hope you are telling the truth though because people think they can hide things but they can find out . But with that out the way basically they will have you sign some forms that go over medical history and they will give you a packet for you till fill out that basically goes over your entire life it’s like 30-50 pages long then they may have you take a practice asvab and if you do well on it they will send up your prescreen which is that medical form and you will wait for that to come back and if all is well they will schedule you to go to meps . They may also fingerprint you at the initial visit as well .

  3. We’re not backed up enough to have to run multiple qb sneaks

  4. Woohoo! Deep breath. You can chill now. Doesn't that feel good? Hope things keep working out!

  5. Dude it feels awesome. And the sad part is I really should go to jail but I am getting a huge break. The cop took my age into consideration I guess and his exact words were “we know you aren’t a criminal”. I just feel so good now

  6. It’s because God uses broken people. I went through a few of the things you listed before Christ.

  7. I am going to guess you are quite young. Please turn off the Internet and go outside. This has nothing to do with your salvation.

  8. I am moved out of my parents home and on my own…. In my home. My parents want nothing to do with me. Thanks though. Your pride is showing

  9. Using culture to dictate ones lifestyle is a terrible idea. We are called to be different not of the world


  11. Gen Ed maybe you need to be more vocal at the IEP meeting instead of bitching about accommodating or modifications.

  12. What aspect of the church would you say causes you to experience this feeling?

  13. The satanic temple has a lot of locations in most major cities!

  14. God bless you 🙏🏻❤️ Jesus always wins

  15. Have you sold your unnecessary belongings and given the money [to] the poor?

  16. It's one of my favorite holidays. Harmless dress up fun for the kids, promotes kindness and giving in the community, spooky stories and decorations... It's great.

  17. It’s fine. Any event or situation can be abused and sin can come into it. Unless you are worshipping demons or idols, Halloween is not inherently bad or evil.

  18. Hurts is the best QB in the NFC east don’t @ me

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