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  1. If you consider that the ship has 4 seats and you can man it with 4 CMDRs I don't know where the NPC would go then. You could create an NPC specific seat and have 5 seats, but small ships that only have 2 seats like the keelback would run into a dilemma with that concept

  2. Or just have the NPC fill in a seat until a 4th player multicrews with you. Then have the NPC stand up and walk out the backdoor of the bridge. Or even for the non-odyssey players, have the NPC just kind of disappear like a hologram as soon as a 4th player steps aboard. Iirc, telepresence used to explain why your NPC wasn't on your ship, and also how you controlled fighters and SRVs and were magically back on your ship if said vehicle was destroyed.

  3. Gross, I prefer to run my human meat into paste and then run that paste into paste again. Really removes the human taste.

  4. I do that too for my non-Hannibal Cultists that take a bit longer to convert

  5. You can tell when your're going to run out of fuel by looking at your map; a dotted line means you wont have fuel for the jump. Set your route to fastest, also, to save # of jumps. Find a populated system near the end of your max range if you need to for refuel; or better yet fit a fuel scoop for travelling. You can always transfer modules from the outfitting menu in a station you dock at.

  6. An economic route takes a ton more jumps, but drastically saves fuel. I ran out of fuel 2 jumps away from my destination the other night, switched to economic mode and had to make 17 more jumps, but got there without needing a rescue.

  7. I understand that. I was adding onto your comment about selecting for fastest route to save jumps. It saves jumps, yes, but uses much more fuel.

  8. Swap your refinery and your prospector. The 3A prospector can fit in the 3 slot and you can upgrade the size 3 refinery into a size 4.

  9. When was the last time your filters were backwashed? This looks like oils and soaps that isn't getting caught by your filters.

  10. Update: SAMI HAS BEEN FOUND 9/22!!! Thanks to everyone who helped and gave us advice. :)

  11. There's also an episode where a scientist squirrel lives underwater.

  12. I'm 98% sure SpongeBob and Sandy got married and had a child at some point in the show, during a dream sequence or something. Guaranteed he was clapping those Sandy cheeks either way.

  13. Have you tried any food pantries in your area? DM me tomorrow.. I can get a list of resources my work (Salt Lake County) gives out to people in need. It has names and addresses of dozens of shelters and food pantries in Salt Lake.

  14. Like nobody uses dbx for actual exploration outside of near-bubble space… too small and too little jump range.

  15. My DBX has like 67LY jump range to my AspX 65 and my Phantom 69. They're all pretty equal. The only problem that the DBX has comparatively is a smaller fuel scoop and fewer internal modules.

  16. I have one, and honestly didn't like it. Yeah the extra range is nice, but a few light-years only serves to get you to a destination faster. For regular exploration of undiscovered systems, distance only matters to the next star over.

  17. Yes, she mentions it at some point. There's a small exchange between Shepard and EDI about it, iirc.

  18. I pray that no one suffers that fate of getting attached to you, Jesus fucking Christ. Who hurt you?

  19. Probably got bit by a dog after fucking around with one and disregarding warning signs, then made their whole identity into "dogs bad".

  20. Use hinges on the sides where the wheels are and angle them down about 10 degrees. Life saver for 1x1 wheel suspensions.

  21. Without mods/scripts, you can't control the wheels anymore if they're not on the same grid as the cockpit.

  22. I had a year and a half long relationship with my best friends mother. We’ve never told anyone.

  23. Approximately 3 times a week you were having unprotected sex with his mother.

  24. to be fair, how many girls get fucked by a million guys… sometimes multiple guys in a day… then these loser guys want to fuck these same girls and so the fleshlight is definitely the more clean option

  25. Commitment mode, sadly. Thinking about enabling dev mode, would need to dig through the game files to get it though.

  26. If you're serious about reinstalling dev-mode just for this moment, alt+f4 does force quit the game without saving, allowing you to savescum this in one roundabout way.


  28. What is spansh? First time running across that site.

  29. I use it for the neutron highway. It'll plot your entire route from the bubble to Colonia using neutron stars, so all you have to do is copy the next star name and paste it onto your galaxy map. Super handy.

  30. Honest question: You have read the post on this subreddit and reacted to it. Is there any particular reason you've missed this text in the sidebar:

  31. I'm on mobile and have to specifically look for the sidebar. So that's probably a reason. New miners may also be brought to a single post from Google and not read the sidebar.

  32. Scrolled across a guy on reddit talking about his mead making hobby and how easy it was. Since it looked so easy, I dropped a hundred bucks on some basic equipment with the thought of "if I hate it, that's the same investment as a couple nights at the bar".

  33. I use a small dorm room refrigerator with a ceramic reptile heating element and an ink bird. Plug the fridge into the cooling outlet, the reptile heater into the heating outlet, run the thermometer into the fridge, put your fermenter inside, and shut the door.

  34. It is not the beard on the outside that matters, it is the beard on the inside, and thie community is definitely bearded, very rock & stone

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