1. Serious question. Will this team score today. Like at all? I'm not an Eagles or even an NFL fan. I'm just a dude who hates when either Washington or Dallas are on my television screen. There's almost no redeeming quality about this franchise, everything they do is awful. Many of their own fans agree.

  2. The tuition costs for UC schools for 2023: $13752 Source:

  3. You were a California resident. Out of state students are paying nearly 4 times what you paid. You should re-edit your comment to reflect your belief that they do not matter.

  4. The majority of students in almost all public university systems in the US are in-state residents.

  5. I only ever see it used on Reddit or Youtube in a humorous context translated to "black person who is behaving foolishly." I don't agree with its use as a compliment or to convey brotherhood. It is an insult. I like to watch videos of young adult men having s3x with each other (🤭). On twitter etc, I am routinely seeing black men referring to their black male partners as n-words. It just strikes me as just bizarre. You don't hear whites saying "Yeah, fuck me, cracker!" while they are doing the deed. I don't get that.

  6. You want funny? These prices are what's fuckin hilarious. The app is becoming more like the straight apps in terms of the level of greed. The stuff about "ads keep grindr free" is horse shit. The app is damn near unusable without the paid subs, which are getting more and more pricey for basic fucking features, such as the ability to filter profiles by Top/Bottom status. You get an popup ad for blocking someone. You get a popup ad for even reading a message. You can't even view more than 5 bitch ass profiles in your vicinity without a subscription. I can afford it, but $20 a month is still ridiculously expensive for an app. People complained about the Chinese ownership, but selling the app to greedy American investors is resulting in gays being priced out of the meat market.

  7. That's 4x more expensive than any of us should be paying for access to ho's, endless faceless profiles, flakes, "straight guys" cheating on their wives, and run-of-the-mill fuckboys. It's offensive how this app is trying to shake down our community.

  8. How will the history books explain/contextualize Clinton's loss in 2016/what caused it? We know not enough Democrats showed up in the key states to secure her victory, but why? Was this just about her/candidate quality? Did something happen during the Obama years that left a bad taste in Democrats' mouth? Why did they show up in 2018 and 2020, but not in 2016?

  9. How is it that Donald Sterling was forced to sell, but Sarver only serves a one year ban from entering the building and gets to pick his own interim?

  10. It's like the millionth comment of this nature that's been posted. The league didn't make Sterling sell it was his wife that sold the team.

  11. The team was put into receivership with the anticipation that his wife would follow through on a sale.

  12. So... the FBI, DOJ and J6 commission haven't heard this info? Or they are too intimidated by Trump to do anything?

  13. The J6 commission are the ones who referred the evidence and testimony to the DOJ that lead to the search warrant.

  14. They referred the document dispute related to the national archives, which was the cause for the search warrant? Also... so now you're admitting the DOJ is NOT intimidated by Trump? Doesn't that lead to an implication that (at least so far) there has been nothing to charge Trump with over the past 6 years (and before?). How many fake investigations will it take before you start to realize the DOJ is engaged in a partisan fishing expedition to damage a political opponent?

  15. Sounds like you need a more interesting life if you're closely following the social media interactions of strangers you almost dated. Harsh but its the truth, no reason you should be paying any attention to this guy let alone becoming obsessed with what he's up to. Like who cares what the shit he's doing

  16. Unfollow him and cut him out of your life may be a start.

  17. In theory the British Crown has all of these powers, but if they actually exercised some of them, there wouldn't be a monarchy for very much longer.

  18. In 2016 Trump won the three states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by a total of 77,711 votes.In 2016, Trump gained 922,088 more votes than Clinton in rural counties in these five states; in 2020, this margin increased to 1,073,626. His deficit, however, in metro counties increased much more extensively (from 539,659 to 1,353,189) which resulted in his loss. The rural voters in 2020 were pissed, but the urban and suburban voters were even more pissed.

  19. Those who doubted Tim Ryan look pretty stupid right now. This is the first major indicator that this race is going to be super close. Losing Ohio will be extremely demoralizing for the GOP, so Dems have to push for this seat very hard.

  20. What the hell happened in Ohio? They went for Obama twice and then turned around and voted for Trump twice.

  21. I guess they don't want us to know that there is gay sex going on in Mormon country.

  22. What to make of it ? I doubt there are any physical or biological differences about Black and Latino people that make them more susceptible to disease, so why are we seeing such elevated rates among these populations?

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