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  1. I also seen such info. Btw there also such looking part of rocket(calibrs) which russian army using to blow up ukranian infrastructure . So we can't tell what exactly fell down to heads of poland farmers.

  2. Are you using any proxy in gnome settings? Epiphany use this settings

  3. Did you installed gnome-shell package from Debian experimental ? I had the same behavior until gnome-shell migrated to testing. This issue is simply because the your current distribution doesn't finished the integration of network manager with new applet.

  4. That's gnome, s problem, same behavior on fedora. This happens after wake up from suspend for me

  5. There was such problem with gnome tweaks before

  6. You can build it from source as I did

  7. Because their boot loaders still in efi folder.

  8. I'm not sure that this error occur in new ryzen cpu's, but at ryzen 1xxx there was the exactly this problem. And solution was - disable c-stace control from bios/uefi

  9. Also you can push escape button on system loading and see what's happen on boot

  10. You can drag you window/app between two workspaces

  11. I am currently trying to get my HP printer and scanner installed in fedora and I am having problems with the program freezing. Do I just need to wait it out?

  12. Can you shift to tty3, by "ctrl+alt+f3" shortcut?

  13. So there is no such problem in windows?

  14. As I can remember, you should close when it asks for login in first time. After this install should be continued

  15. Maybe bug in installer. Did you try overwatch installer?

  16. Is it happens on boot, when desktop is not launched?

  17. Like the aplication just freezes when i start every time. I dont think theres that much to add

  18. In game display settings choose fullscreen

  19. Looks like secure boot problems. You can disable it, but fedora actually should work with secure boot if install process was correct and complete

  20. Linux should not affect for windows use. Maybe drivers problem? Maybe there was any updates, for example windows updated?

  21. Discord don't support audio when you are screen sharing your desktop on Linux/Mac OS. But you can do it by app named - Helvium. And there in flathub client for discord named - discord-audiosharing which make audio to work when you screenshare

  22. Gnome-screen-recorder also look to be borked because of pipewire bug, is your working?

  23. Sorry for the late response, but yes Gnome built in screen capture does working fine on my system

  24. Came back home. Kooha's records bit a choppy(sound and video). Pipewire

  25. coming from an Nvidia (rtx 2060, proprietary drivers) on gnome perspective:

  26. Install webcord instead of discord. There is possible to screenshare in wayland session

  27. It's because of new version of cinnamon. Now it's use gtk theme to draw windows borders

  28. Install flatseal, open it, choose discord and give perrmision to notifications show

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