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  1. The ruling is pretty specific: only single parents with children who are minors can change their legal gender, but we'll take it!

  2. I lived in South Korea for 5 years that’s pretty huge for them.

  3. I use velouté. It’s a softer sauce than a cream or milk base and I feel it really lets the cheese flavor come out. I feel a milk/cream vase mutes the cheese flavor.

  4. At least they don’t take intersex kids down with us?

  5. The forced gender surgery on intersex babies is just as bad. And this of course carved out an exception for that so they can continue forcing babies into their binary. It is not an “at least” it’s an “of course they’re not”

  6. Whenever I look at content I always keep my core values at heart. Love inclusion acceptance. I have also learned to pay attention to certain kinds of dog whistles and absolutism. When words like always never. All “people” those are generally signs I use to be wary. I’m interested in this discussion though as I felt the same thing reading those posts. I’m always looking to have better strategies for screening content. And more specific strategies I can teach my children.

  7. Damn, really wanted Garleans to be the final Beast Tribe

  8. I’m hoping we’ll get a firmament version for garlemald in the future. It would be awesome to help rebuild garlemald

  9. I come from the great state of Texas where Republicans have ruled for, forever. I fully expect Abbott to win...again...ugh! I fully see Republicans taking control over congress and state governments where Dems have been. I'm not looking forward to it whatsoever. Between Abortion, LGBT rights, hell racism it's just like a gut punch. We're in 2022 and we're still dealing with bullshit that should have been eradicated many moons ago, but here we are still dealing with them. It's beyond frustrating. I'm going to vote tomorrow after work and just don't expect my vote to actually count too many ignorant people in this country.

  10. I hate this will get buried in a comment chain. But never stop voting because you don’t think your vote wont count. That is the apathy that has been carefully generated. Way too many people don’t vote because of that reason. If we all did there are so many non-voters that it would make a huge difference.

  11. I think something like a criterion dungeon would be great for roulettes. One dungeon, different paths, more variety.

  12. I would love this. And the path determined randomly so it doesn’t devolve into one path is only path.

  13. That was really cool. I’ve never worked with leather but I almost feel like I could. I really appreciate taking the time to discuss specifics of strap placement and design.

  14. I hope she sues the state for the harm inflicted on her. Until it affects them economically nothing will change.

  15. They will not change. It won’t come out their pockets. Vote them out or nothing will change.

  16. I almost feel that way too. It’s like, when you see it it’s not just an innocent depiction of our flag but rather it’s very clearly meant to signal. And rarely these days is it signaling anything I would have used to associate with the flag.

  17. Same here. No discord or anything. This feature is DOA for me :(. And I missed hoops unbound also. Oh well

  18. Based on which add you’re targeting? The game already tracks that.

  19. I think of using dot timers like in wow. Where each copy gets its own shrinking bar. I don’t need to track on my current target I want to track on all the rest.

  20. Somewhat in keeping with the theme here also is

  21. I honestly did not know that about them. I love Kilts, and I've seen their unique designs before. But I didn't know quite what to think of them. That seriously elevated them in my eyes.

  22. Hah i meant thanksgiving stuffing. Didn’t realize i put dressing

  23. I’m the south we call it dressing. That breadcumby stuff you serve with turkey. You were correct. :)

  24. Should be fun! Someone wrote a post about it on BGG on a 6 or 8 person game and said they had a blast!

  25. I think it looks awesome too. We have 2d chess. Why bother with 3d? Well we did and it’s fun. Give us a game report when you play i would love to hear how it turns out.

  26. The problem that I had with a KB+M setup is that I had to stretch my left hand so much to use abilities and two modifiers. Keyboard warrior setup is a lot more like regular typing and I find it ergonomic. But yeah sometimes you have to use a mouse and it's slightly cumbersome.

  27. That’s really interesting. I had switched to using q,e,r,f,z,d,c because 7-12 were too much of a stretch with mods to do effectively. I might try a trial character on a setup like this and see if I can make it work.

  28. Read the doc posted up there. It’s not just time spent. How do you feel about research. A phd/psyd is academic. You will be doing research and writing a dissertation.

  29. I can afford a home. There’s just literally none for sale in my server and should one open up I have to win the 1:1000 lottery to get it.

  30. Thank you that also makes me sad although the message does not.

  31. I all for that unless it's Christmas music. That shit can go to hell. It's overplayed and started way to early.

  32. That makes me sad. I love Christmas music. I’m not particularly Christian but I have a lot of playlists of very old Christmas carols and Yule songs and I really look forward to playing them every year.

  33. I have a therapist. (And studying to become one) that specializes in lgbt, gender identity, and neurodivergence. I firmly believe in the value of therapy as a sort of exercise for the mind and emotions. Find you a good therapist and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

  34. Yeah. Very sagey. I don’t usually have dressing outside of turkey season but I do enjoy it. And this wasn’t bad. I bought a bag.

  35. A Texas license allows you to practice for Texas clients regardless of where you live. I’m not sure specifics of a California license. I don’t live there. You need to make sure California allows you to practice for Texas clients while residing in California. If you’d like to see clients resident in California you will need a California license.

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