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  1. One of the only foods that gets better after you leave it in your car on a hot summer day.

  2. Well what does it expect going out dressed like that.

  3. I mean I don't know about the price but it's not a shitty mod, just bad taste, at least in my opinion. I bet if you peeled off the wrap and stickers it'd probably look pretty slick.

  4. Honestly just do what the DM wants or whatever the group decides makes sense. When it comes to these kind of things in D&D analyzing 7 different rules and debating for an hour+ on what should happen just kills the fun. Plus it's always that one guy who HAS to quote the rule book whenever anyone does anything.

  5. This is actually pretty slick. Somewhere between redneck engineering and a cool hack -- if it didn't have the obvious re-use of junkyard components (say, put a nice metal box around the latch mechanism) it would be DIYes rather than DIWhy.

  6. Honestly doesn't look like a finished job in the video, just a guy showing off that his stupid/amazing idea is actually gonna work lol. I doubt it'll get done up super pretty but I bet the finished product didn't look to bad, probably covered up the junkyard components as well.

  7. I promise you everyone's shop screen looks like that right now, and none of them are good deals, for any player.

  8. You can use the quick evolve an then intelligent evolution buttons to quick evolve your food to purple. Then 2 copies of the same purple food can make a gold, you'll need multiple copies of the heroes you're trying to feed too, at least 3 or 4 to get them up to immortal.

  9. Easiest way I've found for weight loss is just doing a calorie count. Look up what the healthy daily calorie intake is for your age and size and ingest just a little less than that daily. Overtime your body will start consuming fat to make up for the missing calories. It doesn't totally matter what form those calories come in but just know if you eat only shitty food, you are going to feel shitty. Having a daily multivitamin while doing a calorie deficit diet will help immensely. Also be ready for stomach aches making you feel like you are starving or getting punched in the stomach, it's normal (unless super severe pain, then go to a hospital) thats just your stomach shrinking, and the pain will go away with time.

  10. Matching this with extra protein intake and weight lifting or similar exercise will help ensure that not only you lose weight but you won't lose muscle mass and you'll gain muscle while losing weight. Win win.

  11. Emma, crete, Luke, Taylor, artas, oak, and Serena are your strongest contenders, ravenna might have some use in different areas but the rest I've listed outperform her pretty regularly. You can usually get away with no healers for most of the game but I recommend building Serena for arena battles.

  12. From garbage truck driver to garbage truck enthusiast in seconds.

  13. Been listening to too much EDM, cars just trying to give you some visuals too.

  14. It always fucking square toes. Ugliest boots ever made, giving everyone the "I got my toes chopped off in an accident" look.

  15. SnowSpoiler, extra downforce untill you reach 5mph and it goes flying. Just like the ones you get on eBay for 20$ xD

  16. Put more effort into ravenna and emma, oisa and omar aren't bad but they are easily replaceable and you're gonna have a lot harder time making progress if you don't swap them with better champs. Taylor is an absolute beast by the way keep building him, he pairs really well with Emma.

  17. Judging by the sunglasses on in a pub bathroom, I'd say you were ignoring that sign

  18. Definitely the look of a man who did, in fact, do coke in the bathroom.

  19. Back then it took a single dentist 3 weeks straight of scraping tartar covered teeth to produce one tin of cream of tartar. These days it only takes a few minutes because of technological advancements.

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