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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. Trust me dude I always questioned whether it was worth it in the beginning too, but after being on it for months, the natural connection you feel to god, source, higher self whatever you want to call it, is totally worth it. Protect your seed it is so powerful and subtle the effects it has over you over time.

  2. There are a lot of ego-trip bullshit artists out there running scams, be careful. Don't let anyone siphon your energy or your funds for the sake of "belonging". Whatever you do, it's imperative that you retain your common sense and ability to think critically. In other words, you deserve better than to be reduced to spiritual cannon fodder and "fresh meat" for a malicious practitioner.

  3. Alchemy doesn’t really mean actual metals. The alchemists were symbologies as far as I am concerned. It was an inner process. The only way to turn lead into gold is to go through the narrow gate. Look within.

  4. I watched this awesome video on this very subject. You may like it

  5. Right? Do you have any esoteric videos you recommend in watching?

  6. No man I’m still trying to find some good ones, mostly reading though trying to expand my horizons.

  7. Wet dreams could be a good sign it’s means your body is healing. I had a few wet dreams on this journey. The only bad part is feeling like shit for 2 days you lose some energy and your body is getting rid of the old cells. Wet dreams are normal in my opinion the only way to stop wet dreams is have a busy life and not think about women or sex that’s my advice on it.

  8. You shouldn’t be downvoted for this, it’s true. Also I’d encourage people to try intermittent fasting.

  9. A lot of stories always reference a northern civilization very interesting but that’s because these writers know the truth of our realm.

  10. Okay this would make the most sense that they are spraying almost non stop daily

  11. It’s a pattern and the MO of the American Empire (just look at the Middle East from the Baghdad museum to “ISIS destroying relics”, etc

  12. Yup not sure why you’re being downvoted but that’s how it goes

  13. See first of all you need to understand why wetdreams happen.

  14. Exactly movies, tv shows, video games are all filled with filth that poisons the mind, making the night demons come out to play when your body is in astral.

  15. Yes sex is totally fine but do not spill the seed, don’t tip over the cup of Hermes! We need that vital feminine energy to mix with our masculine one.

  16. They were more advanced then we have the intellectual capability to understand, They had a higher level of consciousness than we do now, We are still in the "fall".

  17. It’s better now, but would still like to hear others experience with this wonderful practice!

  18. Maybe I should tell you how I pulled this 9 at the bar - she, like most attractive women, was in a mixed group, 2 dudes and 2 other women. I noticed her when she walked in because she was hot AF. However, I didn't approach her.. Instead I approached one of the dudes she was with who was wearing this Hawaii shirt and had a handle bar mustache. I told him that I love the Miami Vice look he has going on. And we were both laughing and shooting the breeze. Well, guess who comes over? Smokeshow.. Wondering who her friend is talking to. In this situation, she actually approached me. So I turned to her, looking her in the eyes and said wow how many people have complimented your eyes tonight?! (In a high energy tone). She giggled and said no one. Then I said well let me be the first. And then I told her she was cute AF. That's right.. Within 30 seconds I established that I am a man, she's a woman and I want to fuck her. Then moved past that topic and screened the logistics.. How do you guys all know each other?? She said they're dance instructors. Well that was the perfect time to get her a twirl and take her number mentioning we had to leave. Then later that night.. She texted me said it was great to meet me blah blah blah. We texted back and forth for a bit and I said what's your thoughts on grabbing a café sometime soon? She told me she's not much of a coffee drinker. I told her she's getting major points deducted for saying that (teasing her).. Then I said cool let's do lunch Instead. I tried to setup a date for the next weekend but she was away for the weekend so I said well you know what.. What are you doing right now? And just like that I met up with her that very same day. Met her at her apartment and she came out looking even fukn hotter than I remembered. Tight little dress and 3" heels on. I hopped In her jeep and she took me to a sushi spot that she liked. The date went amazing BECAUSE I had already established flirty vibes and I didn't have to waste time talking about trivial bullshit trying to Impress her the whole time. Instead- I had the backdrop of talking about her and why I think she could be special on top of weaving in cool stories about myself. Her eyes were lit up looking at me like a Christmas tree. At the end of sushi I told her I had to use the bathroom BUT didn't want to stay there so asked if I could use hers back at her place. This is a solid technique to get into her place. Well on the way back to her apartment I start playing with her right hand as shes driving. When we pull Into her parking lot, I start making out with her. Not just little kid make out but I mean grabbing her tits, her legs, kissing her neck, biting her ears allllll that shit. Trying to turn her on. Then, I stop and said OK I reall have to pee. We walk in and I'll finish by saying about 3 hours later I walked out. Never did take that piss though... I'll also mention, this was not a one night stand as I guess I've really grown to like her and after a few more meetups we have officially started dating and if she can stay as beautiful and cool as she is I would make this one my wife.

  19. Dude I just want to say huge congrats!! You are an inspiration for me to get off my ass and put myself out there

  20. If you're single and horny, there's nothing to lose by hitting the streets and creating memories with your buddies. I've noticed that the success of the night is heavily dependent on your energy and attitude. You have to get yourself a few guy friends to hit the bars with and bring that high-energy, fun personality with you. Don't make talking to women the "goal" but rather just a natural part of a fun night. The mindset shift changes things.

  21. I tried semen retention for 100 days and nothing changed so I can only label this as BS

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