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  1. There’s Burn MF with Rob Zombie, and then there’s Weight Beneath My Sin with Ryan Clark. There’s also their A New Level cover. I believe that’s it. There’s also a different Dot Your Eyes with an extended Jamey Jasta section.

  2. Weight Beneath My Sin I’d love to see. Hell to Pay, Question Everything, Bad Seed, Save Your Breath, Undone, Succubus, etc. are some that come to mind, as well.

  3. Completely agree. Both are some of my top favorites in their whole discography.

  4. As did I on Saturday! So happy I found one in person rather than ordering from online.

  5. That’s incredibly interesting. Makes me very interested and excited to hear it when it comes out!

  6. Definitely Weight Beneath My Sin as someone else has said, Will the Sun Ever Rise, and Undone. I love those songs to death, man, just to name three.

  7. I got it but its really weird and complicated. First have 9 hearts, then go fight king dice and jump on the cubes so you get the extra heart. I didnt get an extra heart and I still had 9 and then weirdly dropped to 6 when I beat the first miniboss although I didnt got hit once. Then I just jumped on the cube again for the extra heart because I thought Id lose another 3 hearts and wanted to se what happens and then I got the achievement.

  8. All the love friend. I’m so sorry more wasn’t done for you, with getting refused help. Seriously wishing you the best. 💚💜

  9. Wasn't the console exclusivity only temporary?

  10. Ah okay! I only have the PC version. It's always so dumb when a DLC comes to 2 out of 3 platforms.

  11. Ahh gotcha. But exactly, I consider it to be, imo, one of the worst gaming practices to do in the industry. Exclusive games I can understand, but not DLC. I rebought the game on PC just to have that missing dlc, since I only owned the Wii U and Xbox versions. Hell, the Wii U version didn’t get any dlc at all.

  12. Hell yeah! Ordered the War is the Answer deluxe edition in preparation, too. Next will be The Way of the Fist: Iron Fist edition. I’m prepping hard, dude.

  13. PK Droid 120%. Also, Wanda the waitress shoulda been playable since the very first game, and that coulda finally been rectified here, but it unfortunately wasn’t.

  14. The trading card idea I’d say is pretty cool, if we’re taking about the same exclusive.

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