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  1. Check out the youtube channel Numb3rsDontLi3, he has some quality gematria content.

  2. Tom Montalk has some good videos on this subject. The third video in this playlist explains how ego can either serve the spirit (good), or in some cases the ego can dominate the spirit (bad).

  3. Red pill is important to explore, and opens doors to understanding. Red pill shows how our culture and society misrepresents the true nature of the divine masculine and the divine feminine forces.

  4. Bitcoin is the best chance we've got to reverse the rot of our corrupted societies. It is a weapon designed by cypherpunks to checkmate the root of all evil, the global central banking cabal and their endless money printing.

  5. Govt loves poisoning the environment to 'save' it. Like an abusive parent beating their kid to 'protect' them because they 'care'.

  6. The article made me think of 1080 as well. Can't have us living off the land

  7. I wonder if the closer you get to escaping, the more incentives you get to stay here. Would explain the odd connections between esoteric groups and the 'elites'

  8. The fact that people have such a strong emotional reaction to flat earth is a red flag to me. I suspect some amount of brainwashing took place when we were young, and I care about that more than I care about the shape.

  9. There are 12 astrological signs. There are 12 hours on the clock. There are 12 months in the year.

  10. Yesterday a homeless dude ran past me, grabbed a seagull, chewed into its neck and threw it on the ground.

  11. Are you talking about the challenger “disaster” where 6/7 of those “astronauts” have been found alive and well?

  12. Sad state of affairs when a legit conspiracy is downvoted on this sub

  13. Why be more resilient? For who? Why? Ignoring your emotions or trying to control them won’t lead to anywhere and will leave you full of shame, anger and regret.

  14. The world has taught us to be ashamed of everything that makes us human. That hits hard. 100% true

  15. Oooh that's a great take. I can definitely see my ego being a tulpa, a lesser personality created by a greater consciousness beneath. I will reflect more on this

  16. They want a sequence of events where we have handed over control of our consciousness to them. This limits liability as they can put the blame onto us for their agenda. They're hoping we are not going to realize how bad this is before it happens. They want us distracted from this topic by virtually anything, intellectually and emotionally disengaged from protecting the control of our minds. It's deeper than we want to admit.

  17. Just imagine what the popup ads will be like. Maybe that is what true hell is

  18. The Basic Premise i think is about Expanding our Consciousness to a Higher level by whatever means. Imagine a lost puppy in a giant maze going in circles. You can Only Get Out By Getting a Birds Eye View.

  19. Check out this pic from my hometown, sure looks like a snake on the cross to me, but could also be S for Saturn.

  20. It's difficult to break the shackles of religion. While it is easy to see through Yahwehs deception, Jesus has a stronger grip on our heart. I think it's important to break our relationship with both, even if you think Jesus is really a good guy and just misunderstood, be skeptical of him.

  21. I was on a path that makes the jesus teaching look like a joke. One of the gurus of that same path, literally says even if people urinate on you, do not react. And yes. It leaves room for abuse and enabling narcissists. They also want you to take all the responsibility for not reacting properly when somebody abuses you. that reaction should be you forgiving them and understand that there is a pure soul underneath the demon I say have compassion for all, but do not become a doormat marshmallow. Humans are not ready for that kind of humility. This is a very ruthless jungle. Tbh how can we even know he existed and said all that stuff 2000 years ago.

  22. Sorry to hear you went through that, but I'm glad you see through the deception. It's a real trojan horse. I took this on my walk this morning, check out what is nailed to the cross in this picture.

  23. My hope is that people will realise the problems listed above stem from centralized money, and cryptocurrency is the solution. Bitcoin was never meant to get us rich quick, it was meant to solve the biggest problem facing humanity, the central banking scam.

  24. The christian religion became dominant by converting people at the end of a sword. They also burned alive anyone with opinions such as ours, for hundreds of years.

  25. How do you know you didn't come back to save people 400 lives ago but got stuck in the reincarnation wheel once again? To come back is too risky if you ask me. Only thing we can do is spread information. We also can't force people to do something that they don't want to do (some like it here and do not want to leave, while others think this is a school and they need to be here because that's what New Age teaches them), so it's up to each individual to decide and do what's best for themselves.

  26. Makes me wonder if we could be doing something more effective while we are here to help break the spell

  27. The king has returned, free at last! A+ post

  28. It was Steiner that got me started down this path. Listening to him shattered my previous worldview and got me asking all kinds of questions.

  29. In all religions, they encourage you to not get attached to this material realm and to get the heck out. They say this place is for the nasty kids who disobeyed god. Jesus was always encouraging followers not to get attached to the material world. An all loving god has built this realm to respect our free will. We are supposed to be billions of Adams and Eves who have fallen from Eden. This is the story they want us to believe. No matter how much you analize, a very loving god should not be able to see his kids suffer life after life. If you want more knowledge on the subject, read the Bhagavad Gita as It Is by Bhaktivedanta swami.

  30. Nice, I love the astrotheology perspective

  31. Unlikely, because the demand has to be made from a soul level and not from the ego. This is difficult to do while currently incarnated in a living body though it is still possible via spiritual awaking. I recommend doing your own research here as I am no spiritual guru and am still working to cancel my own contracts. But as far as I know the best time to revoke soul contracts is between lives. Using the cartoon as an example Daffy was essentially killed (off camera) when his parachute turned into anvil. Before the archon could put him into another life he revoked the contract which ended his existence on this plane.

  32. That's consistent with Tom Montalk's book, he suggests you should be at the same level of awareness as you were when you made the contract in order to revoke it

  33. Congrats man, 1 year is a huge accomplishment. You got this

  34. Yes, thank you I'll have the Ouroboros flank with a side of cheesy dipping sauce.

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