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  1. Yes. The (twisted but genuine) love for his son is proof of that.

  2. A lot of people here still seem to think gorillas are violent psychopaths.

  3. Chimps won’t attack for no reason either. They’re just brutal when they do.

  4. The Trial might have soften him up and gave Dahmer enough of a perspective from the Victims’ families for some remorse but there’s no doubt that he was completely batshit while indulging in the killings.

  5. Quentin Tarantino actually respects the hell out of the MCU.

  6. I don’t know what the hell is happening and it’s great because of that.

  7. Uhmmm, why do I get uncanny valley vibes from this ?

  8. World-building. He did a lot, but all of it came from his desire to flesh out the Ben 10 Universe. Ben 10 always felt like a collection of stories until Omniverse. Then it started feeling like an actual universe.

  9. Homelander’s superhero landing is seriously rad.

  10. Being scared of something that big means he has some common sense

  11. And yet, they called him a coward. Lol

  12. Tristar or ‘98 Godzilla would be eligible if that thing wasn’t an official licensed iteration of Godzilla.

  13. Dormammu would carelessly sweep through everyone, including his own team and be like “Oops, you shouldn’t have invited me.”

  14. That would be an ideal approach too convey Kang’s significance and make him feel nuanced as a character.

  15. That’s what I imagine a female HL would look like.

  16. The Cloak of Levitation. Seems easiest to use.

  17. Casting rumors are annoying for the actors in general.

  18. For real, Bucky and Ikaris are almost siblings.

  19. So what happened to the doors, chimmey and walls that the crew had to break during the filming of that fight ? Do they have to fix up that place afterwards ?

  20. Oh yeah, Eternals was filmed like 3 years ago so Lia looks way different.

  21. Lmao, the CG plate and pretty much everything in the recent trailer is way more polished, but the green screen and costumes on both still give off such a similar cheesy style for some reason.

  22. How could the deep have muscle though he’s pretty strong still and could curl a 100 lb weight like nothing, he by no means is huge but he has a lot of visible muscle

  23. The Deep is “weak” enough for an exercise with concrete blocks or cars to be effective. Unnusual but still accessible means.

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