1. So, where's the rap? Rhyming in spoken word is rap now?

  2. I can't find one article about it that doesn't refer to it as rap at one point or another. For example:

  3. First of all, I am so excited for you guys. I always love to see all the decors and people dressing up on Halloween. We don't have Halloween here in India but I always want to join in the fun. So I am enjoying Halloween planning through your posts. Ha ha.

  4. Omg, my heart is racing at the thought of decorating with all of these great items. Super spooky!

  5. Ok then I'm recommending you these things that I think you will like for Halloween decorations.

  6. I adore this collection! I swear, that spider is going to give me nightmares. And he would look so awesome on my front porch. This is the hardest challenge I've ever had to award, because all of the collections are fabulous. Please accept this Snek as my thank you for your participation 🕷️

  7. In the my sophomore year of college, I needed to schedule my second year communication class. There was one professor, known throughout the college only as "Bayne," who was famously avoided by students because of her reputation for being strict—and downright mean. Unfortunately, it was a required class, and her section was the only one my schedule would allow.

  8. People these days don't have the attention span to stand there and flip that little switch. It's easier to just drop the toast and wait. Or walk away and forget about it until you hear the POP

  9. Hi, Gifugal! You say it's your birthday? Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad it's your birthday. We're gonna have a good time!

  10. Did you read my comment naming him Jeremy, or was it a happy coincidence? You have to admit, he looks like a Jeremy

  11. It's a dog. Stop washing dogs! This dog has probably never seen the outside world, how could it ever be dirty enough to need washing?

  12. No, see, they had to put that blue stuff on the pupper to make his hair whiter. Plus they had to be able to blow dry the hair to make it puffier. So, the bath was, indeed, absolutely necessary /s

  13. My parents met in the mid-'60s when they were very young and didn't have much money. As such, they never had an official "first date." So, on their 25th anniversary, my sister and I created one for them—with a '60s theme!

  14. He’ll work tirelessly, nonetheless.

  15. I've seen a doctor 100+ times in my 57 years for these symptoms and not once have they done a culture. Next time I'll ask specifically for it. This time, all she said was that it's because of allergies. She rattled off some medical-speak, but it was over my head

  16. I would throw away all of your makeup and brushes and stop putting eyeliner on your water line. Get new stuff in case it’s an infection and just apply less to avoid irritation.

  17. Can we just rename the sub to DarwinAwardCandidates already?

  18. She is wearing every dress and they get ripped off really fast from behind in the dark

  19. No problem. A lot of people don‘t know about amp links and what makes them problematic.

  20. I was one of those people, but TIL. Unfortunately, I can't change the link in the image :(

  21. No worries! We‘re all learning. Btw the underlying reason why this happens is because the link goes to instead of So google gets the website for you, instead of you loading it directly. Thus google has access to some of the data (not to encrypted data like passwords, but things like when you load the site, which links you click on the site, etc.). Also since google keeps a copy of the website on its own servers, the original source will generally never know you visited their site. This is bad for their statistics, because it looks like less people visited the site than have actually visited (unless the website actively tracks its users).

  22. As soon as I saw your comment, I had a feeling it was something like that (I'm not a super-techy person, but I have a basic idea of most things, lol). Crap, now I already deleted my original link. You just deleted everything between "https" and "amp/s", right? And that will work for all Google-filtered links, right?

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