1. Prayers and hope since I’m in Canada and self defence is illegal

  2. I had 2 stolen in a break and enter. Replacement of everything stolen was $14,000. The insurance company paid to replace them no issues. If you have expensive or rare firearms then talk to your company to make sure they will be covered. My policy has a $5,000 limit on collections I believe.

  3. Wow, did the rcmp give you shit over them being stolen? I’m glad it was all settled with insurance, did you have to give them receipt proof?

  4. My buddy was feeding the cat every day while I was off grid in the alps. He found the house ransacked and called the Edmonton police. They came by over 24 hours later at 2am and walked around the outside of the house and told him everything was fine. When I got internet and told my buddy where they were and he told the city police they came back 2 days later and fingerprinted the medicine cabinet door. Don’t know why that spot. Police gave zero fucks about the whole thing, it was like pulling teeth trying to get them to get the video from the stores my credit card was used at. They wouldn’t let me see it, I believe they never bothered. When I said I would like to see it, maybe it’s a local guy from the flop house down the street the police said “the individual on video is not from the property you mentioned” fuck off Edmonton police service, how do you know what house I am talking about. There is a ton of crack dens around here. The Canadian firearms center didn’t give two fucks when I reported my pal stolen. I was close enough to the expiration to renew it.

  5. Wow you’re so far from right it just goes to show how powerful ignorance and propaganda is.

  6. Technically yes. This specific question was addressed during my PAL course by the instructor. Although it’s basically the minimum. The separately part is for people who don’t store their NRs in a safe/locking cabinet/vault (eg. trigger/cable locked and in a Plano case in the closet). In that case, you can’t have the ammo unlocked in same closet. You can have it locked in an ammo crate in same closet though.

  7. Are you arm and gun from YouTube? If not please make a gun room video. That setup sounds amazing

  8. Need 556 green tips and 9mm bulk deals if there are any

  9. Can restricteds be stored and transported in a nylon type case or does it have to be a hard case?

  10. i know this sounds bare american and ignorant but do they actually have hoods in Korea

  11. I live in Seoul. Lived for two years in what I heard several Koreans call the “Harlem of Seoul”. Never once saw even a petty crime. There are absolutely no hoods here. These guys are LARPing, like all other Korean rappers

  12. Sorry I’m just confused and I can’t google it since I don’t know what it is. May I ask what it’s purpose is?

  13. What’s the difference between an 18 inch barrel and a 16? Do they have different ballistics?

  14. My sincerest condolences for you OP. Wishing you peace and comfort at this time of sorrow

  15. Dudes about to use that gun on somebody who just hit him with a car.

  16. Damn :( makes me sad to see this. OP I was disappointed with mine as well

  17. Is it better to store the mags sealed? I was debating removing the packaging but kept it on

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