1. Yep - I haven’t opened it since I posted this. It’s just sitting in the box as new.

  2. Nope, we can work something out. Shoot me a chat or PM

  3. The action is basically the same through all models, but there are differences is stocks and fit. I have two citoris a cxt and an older xs. The older xs is way better finish but the stock doesn’t fit me at all and it just beats up my face, while I could shoot hundreds of rounds through my rather unattractive cxt. You can’t buy a bad citori, but you can buy a bad fit.

  4. Good to know. Thank you! Haven’t tried the new CX

  5. I actually have both a 12 and 20, but don’t really use the 20.

  6. Managing recoil isn't about whether or not you can tolerate it. It's not like a .338 Lapua is good for one beginner and not another because one can tolerate the recoil more.

  7. Second this! I’m a huge fan of the 6.5 PRC if hunting is on the docket, especially with the upcoming release of several factory loads. It still wouldn’t be my first choice for elk, but I don’t think you can do better for deer sized game.

  8. Sweet rifle, don’t let the bandwagon bros get you down. CA had some issues early on but as you can see across the LRO pages and on Rokslide, CA makes a sweet rifle. Reddit LR is a bunch of Cheeto fingered poors who can’t afford much more than a Bergara.

  9. I’m bringing a Bergara to Africa on safari as one of my two rifles next year 🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. If you’re ever interested send me a DM. I can loan you a rifle if you want to try it out!

  11. I can’t afford to ship it. Already shipping everything else I own.

  12. What’s the shipping cost if you don’t mind me asking?

  13. About 2K to Halifax roll on roll Off. But it’s not Canada road legal yet either.

  14. Man if there’s any way to keep it and get it over here, it would be worth it. I’ve never even seen one. I’m sure some US buyers would pay a mint

  15. Yeah you gotta wait till it breaks in. I recall a guy who needed 7 months to break in his zaan.

  16. I almost sold mine after four days… I’m about ten days in now and it’s an incredible knife - one of my favorite hands down. I do have a callous on my thumb now though haha

  17. Magnacut is about twice as tough, and much better corrosion resistance which I feel is significant. S45VN has slightly better edge retention though

  18. The corrosion resistance is a big factor for me. I live in Charleston, which is basically a sweaty armpit.

  19. It’s a smaller LUDT. Not made anymore. Mine is from 99. I have another thread here with a picture of it next to 3 LUDT’s

  20. I did actually have to use my Sebenza to cut some poop-ridden fur off my golden’s hind legs after he drank ocean water…. 🙃

  21. Wouldn’t happen to have a large would ya? 😂

  22. Is everyone looking for a large Insingo in Magnacut?!! 😭😭

  23. This one even has the same birth date as my 30th

  24. Can’t get your videos to load… only gives an option for a download on Adobe. Is that just me?

  25. No idea, but I doubt it. I’m sure there’s someone out there that would/could.

  26. Any trade interests on the LUDT, or strictly selling?

  27. Currently going through day 4 of “FUCK MY THUMB” training. Ponder trading it 12 times a day but so pretty

  28. Its indeed a cool piece. Just updated details.

  29. Still have box and papers? Rubber strap? Edit: just saw “only watch”

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