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  1. I've lived in England all my life, so maybe it's because of my Asian culture and heritage - but what the fuck is a picky lunch, and why does it always look like random shit

  2. Because by definition a picky lunch is random bits of food to pick at.

  3. I’ve assumed you’re a bloke, and there’s an evens chance that I’m wrong. If so, I apologise.

  4. I thought their protein was good but after trying a few different brands then going back I realised their shakes have a wierd texture. I find they're very chalky and grainy. Plus any of their fruity flavours don't taste like fruit - they taste like chemicals. Their blueberry flavour made me want to gag.

  5. I've always bought unflavoured whey isolate from MyProtein and never had a problem with it. But yeah I've always stuck with them because they were cheap and that's no longer the case.

  6. Right?! I honestly don't understand who's even buying it at that price.

  7. Just get some straps for your top sets. You won't regret it.

  8. I've been part time/distance studying for an Engineering degree whilst working full time. I'll finish in September after 5 years and i can't wait.

  9. The way the Open Uni does it is a little different but my course is basically mechanical engineering plus some applied maths

  10. I decided to use straps for my deadlift sets except for warm up and overwarm single because hook grip is sore. Rewatching the vid afterwards it feels like the rom is a couple inches less and my start position looks different. Is it something that will make any real difference? I can hook grip all of them but I would rather not

  11. Difference to what? If you're competing in powerlifting you'll want to concentrate on not using straps on top sets for at least the period approaching a competition. It will make next to no difference if you're just trying to get stronger and or bigger.

  12. Not strictly relevant to this thread but Mark Boyd just posted his "apology" and resignation video.

  13. i don't have the best proportions for sumo but i feel much more confident and stable pulling sumo. if i want to compete should i just suck it up and pull conventional or should i keep pulling sumo?

  14. Are you going to be setting records or winning competitions? If not it doesn't matter. If yes pull whichever way lets you pull more weight.

  15. Hopefully just a minor allergy thing and his hands will be good to go for tomorrow.

  16. There's a good chance his hands are swollen from whatever drugs he's using for the competition.

  17. Does anybody have any tips on how to put lifting on the backburner? I have other commitments until September that are taking up all my free time but I'm having a hard time admitting that I might have to sacrifice lifting in order to succeed.

  18. I think Alex Bromely has video about training when you're short on time that might be worth checking out

  19. I'd be all over them. Fucking love custard. Once had a big ass churo filled with creme patisserie in Barcelona. Fuck so good, I'd go back just for that.

  20. Damn that sounds rough, I hope your friend lives somewhere other than the US

  21. Oh good! I only ever hear the horror stories about the cost of your healthcare so it's good to hear that he won't have to worry about that and can focus on recovery.

  22. I've gotten better at low-bar squats, but now that I'm doing them twice a week, they are causing a strong acute pain in my left elbow (common extensor tendon maybe). I think I'll try stretching them and see if it helps. I'm going to switch back to high-bar for the next meso, which should be a hypertrophy block, if I last that long.

  23. Low bar squats fucked with my elbows and shoulders until I started using a talon grip with my pinkies under the bar. Might be worth giving a go.

  24. I did them for English class when we had creative writing with no restrictions.

  25. Haha granted they can take less effort than other forms of creative writing but I enjoy them as fun little word games. Maybe the downvotes today are just because it's not a very good haiku though.

  26. No training for the next week, today is day 1 in Disney World with my wife and kids!

  27. Does he just have really unique proportions or is he full of synthol?

  28. Getting some shoulder pain during lower back squats. Specifically my inner left shoulder at the bottom of the squat, occasionally it even pops which hurts more. Feels like when I hit the bottom and the weight is greatest coming down, it's actually pushing my shoulder forward out of socket a little.

  29. Regularly squatting low bar always fucked with my elbows and shoulders, I found using a "talon grip" with my pinky under the bar helped a ton. In the end i just switched to squatting high bar though and no longer have any problems. YMMV.

  30. Do you think strength athletes are going to get more and more specialized?

  31. Biby took third in his last show without even doing the last event, I think you're under selling him a bit here.

  32. First morning back after my deload week last week and I pulled a muscle in my back racking the bar after OHP.

  33. Feel embarrassed asking this as a strongman but I’m new to actual strongman training so

  34. Farmers will need to be loaded evenly but for the yoke you can just load opposite corners evenly.

  35. Really weird thing happened on my way back to my house after log press (I do presses outside because my ceiling is too low). I was walking back up the path, when I dropped one of my elbow sleeves.

  36. I managed to get back in the gym this morning after skipping morning workouts in favour of evenings for Monday and Tuesday.

  37. After 9 weeks of consistently waking up early to go to the gym I have skipped two mornings this week.

  38. Hey guys, I'm thinking about switching routines, not sure if I should ride out my current program more.

  39. Those are some decent numbers to get to with SS, you're definitely ready to move on. I'd recommend something like Stronger by Science reps to failure, it will allow you to progress almost linearly if you've got any potential left for that and even if not it's just good solid programming.

  40. So Richardson tore his bicep during the loading race and still did the deadlift afterwards?

  41. Richardson was in a squat group, but he pulled out after the loading. Unless you have new info?

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