1. Seems pretty convenient to me since they just took away a lot of people's points and called it Dwolla reconciliation. I lost 2510.

  2. I cashed out 45 said complete on history list and it now says dwolla for 12 after that. Are they gonna give me the 45?

  3. Genuine question. if you reverse engineer the pattern, but say it's inspired by the og creator(even if you add your own twist) and try to sell it instead of keeping it for yourself(while still saying it's inspired by the oc) is that plagiarism? Because what if someone who knows nothing about crochet asks me to make something, I can't exactly say to them it was inspired by something else cause they won't care, they just take the item.

  4. the thrift store near me would sell those individually and the case separately too

  5. I have a wip for this too! You gave me the inspiration to start up and finish it, so thanks!

  6. Spoiler - difference of opinion: I just think the graphics for the werewolves are ugly and borderline creepy. They look like cats lol. I think the whole concept is so weird. But I’m a simmer who plays families and legacies. So it’s just my cup of tea

  7. I understand where you're coming from, I'm also more of a family player than occult player, but I'm using my imagination so that one of my family members believes in cryptids. Also, werewolves in old tales didn't actually have tails - we also have to take into account the limitations the sims 4 graphics have, but also how much better the graphics have been compared to past games!

  8. I just checked mine today and I got the same thing, but -2510 instead. I'm pissed. I emailed and it says they'll get back between Monday-Friday. bruh.

  9. They responded to me once when I needed id verification, so I'll hope for the best

  10. I tried a bank transfer too, but I went back onto the app after a few days of waiting and it looked like I never transferred..and it didn't! I just chose visa option and put in a fake address for the card

  11. For the wing you just make it the same way but sew it in pointing outward, the same way you did with the first side. He’s very cute!

  12. The thing with this wing pattern is that the top part curls inward so if I do the same pattern it curls towards the back instead of the front

  13. I want to make another wing, but I only know how to make it for the left wing, not the other side and I don't know how to flip the pattern. I also don't know if I should keep the spots or crochet them already in the body so it doesn't stick out as much

  14. I like the grandma point, but also the second one because that may or may not be what I've found myself doing

  15. wdym, it's 100 simoleon like the other stuffed animals wink wink let's keep it at that price

  16. my game literally ends up saying not responding a lot and freezing constantly now, I even went through my mods

  17. I feel you, I'm 20F and my mom just turned 72 earlier this month. It's definitely a difficult one, but you have to enjoy as much time with them that you have left. Don't get me wrong, I'm still healing from the trauma she caused me, but I've seen what bitter can do to older people and it sucks. I remember having to talk about preparing her will when I was just in high school. Anyway, if you need someone to talk to feel free to msg me!

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