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  1. Lol was watching videos about this earlier and thought the same thing. Funny that. Why do you think Sky is supportive this time?

  2. Honestly? They haven’t made anything close to approaching the breadth and maturity of this game in a really, really long time. I would also be scared of them making “modernization” changes, because a lot of the themes in Xenogears are emotionally upsetting and potentially sacrilegious lol

  3. Hmm you think so? I'm familiar with Square's old games and I am still at the beginning of Xenogears. Think I need to invest more time into playing this classic!

  4. Just become extremely rich. You'll eventually catch their eye(s)

  5. If you review the Zapruder film, you'll see Jackie was actually reaching back to collect pieces of skull and brain matter, and later said she was 'attempting to put the pieces back together'.

  6. 😴🥱 Lucifer says you have to do better than this for place in Hell.

  7. He puts this in his bio but we all know he's most likely a big time rake.

  8. Honestly i don’t think it has to do with being attractive or not, i think it’s just pure confidence, and i’m not that sleeping around that much, most likely just a small hoe phase, I do know girls from tinder that have like 150+ bodies

  9. If you're interested Spinoza's philosophical take on the nature of God in the Ethics is interesting.

  10. Me swiping left because she put "fluent in sarcasm" in her bio...

  11. Is it that bad 💀 never tried any of the dating apps tho

  12. Haha ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic 😅 try it you might meet more women than you expect...just make sure you follow the dating app rules.

  13. Me as a kid wanting those trainers so I could do some Radical! rail grinding ..

  14. Lol it was a joke I don't have a fetish for Asian women or anything! But honestly I've never seen an Asian woman with a shape like that.

  15. Honey, NOBODY has ever seen ANY woman, of ANY race, with a shape like that. It doesn't exist.

  16. Haha true unless she's committed to wearing a waist trainer for a long time!🤣

  17. It absolutely does look like that, but at the same time it is a great example of how people here in this sub are being manipulated. I‘ve looked into it, he wore the garment once for this ceremony and never again (why would he) and yet people here use that picture every ducking time since years because it makes him look like the endboss for this sub or like him sacrificing children to moloch.

  18. Well glad that's been cleared up! Honestly I would've never looked this up. The way this guy has become this super villain since covid does baffle me.

  19. It‘s the festive kit of the Kaunas university, not a fashion choice :D the picture is most likely from the day he became honorary doctor there:

  20. Oh interesting I thought he was wearing the ceremonial garments for preparing sacrifices to Moloch.

  21. Hey man if Big Ed from 90 Day Fiancé can get women then even incels can no excuses!

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