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  1. Me looking at the comment section 🍿

  2. I can’t help but feel that there’s some form of exploration somewhere here. Apparently he was getting a paid two million dollars for two days work per movie and was doing around 20 movies after his problems began to surface and now the selling for a digital clone on screen makes me feel even more convinced

  3. When are the guards gonna connect Daniel O Donnell to his death?

  4. I would record every conversation we have to bait a confession then cut ties once I turn it over to the police

  5. I’m a screenwriter myself and was actually tweaking with the idea of doing a dark comedy of it myself. Please dm if you’d like to work together with the script

  6. I'd like to chat about it if you are open to other collaborations ;)

  7. Because they’re trying to act like people. Don’t let your guard down. And cover your mouth when you’re near them that’s how they enter your body, lay eggs and multiply

  8. Some people wake up some days and go “you know what I’m choosing violence today”

  9. Thank you for saying that particularly saying cute. Whenever I’d be complimented by my looks with guy terms like handsome I’d always kinda cringe 🤣

  10. I’m in Ireland no one will give a fuck about us

  11. Dark alleyways are the best to go down alone

  12. Imagine our economy and our education system produced huge powerful companies and France undercut the rest of us and offered them every reason to move to France, giving French people jobs and transferring Irish wealth to France. Irish people would be up in arms. The world is an unfair place.

  13. The world is unfair. And the only morality in an unfair world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudice fair

  14. People weren’t asking if Snoop Dog had fallen on hard times when he was in their ad campaigns.

  15. Well has he ever been going through a good time

  16. Can I steal your guys life for a sitcom where you both live together and bond over your struggles in work and personal life.

  17. Just like the crime lord The General. This isn't mine it belongs to my wife

  18. What are you gonna do drive the tractors up to me in Dublin. I have a 14 hour head start

  19. Ah you live in Dublin, that's punishment enough.

  20. I think That B***th who won’t be named is currently being sued I think because she accused a senator of protecting a suspect in the case with the flimsiest evidence

  21. Do you have that thing who had that from from that movie last year

  22. We’re you even supposed to be here today?

  23. Maybe Thaons has a thing against Gareth Brooks fans

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