1. The end by the doors Can't always get what you want Dazed and confused led zeppelin Wish you were here pink Floyd

  2. Texas needs to double the size of Washington and Boston with undocumented dreamers.

  3. I've had that same experience. That pain in the abdomen from one bite is a whole new level. It's interesting they were able to get the flavor of the sauce before the heat kicked in.

  4. The whole experience was a bit surreal. My mind was just capturing it a layer at a time. Sweetness, smokiness, heat…more heat…Jfc still more heat…aaargh!

  5. Cake sitting. Saw it on HBO real sex about 25 years ago and it still gets me going.

  6. I did a mixture of fresh peaches I diced and cooked down a bit with some shallots in butter, chopped up some pecans, added buorboun and brown sugar. Finished with a bit of salt and fresh thyme. Used that mixture to stuff the pork. It was pretty damn good

  7. Yeah but banging either one of those sisters back when that song was made and using her to drain your balls just to have her disappear the next morning? I mean I'm about the same age as you and I sure wouldn't have complained.

  8. It's a Soviet style hearing with no adversarial testimony allowed. No discussion of the offer for national guard troops by the President being turned down 2 days before for example. Hearsay, double hearsay and edited video testimony. All in an attempt to distract Americans from the real shit show going on all around them.

  9. Texas law was explicitly clear that an abortion would be legal. There are exemptions for victims of rape or incest or where the life of the mother is in danger

  10. But that isn't near as dramatic and doesn't support their stance. How dare you throw reality on their pity party!

  11. Mostly just growing older and noticing patterns. I saw this woke shit coming way before it ever got anything like it is now. The left never stops. They just continue encroaching. It started as “hey don’t use that word, it’s hurtful”, and we all agreed, and now you’re a bigot if you dare suggest that someone with a penis is a boy. Say what you want about what certain people who consider themselves conservative don’t like (gay marriage, pot legalization, etc). I consider myself right of center and am pro gay marriage and pot legalization, but that’s beside the point. The right is at least pretty consistent. The left wants all ethnicities celebrated: unless you’re white. They want all sexual orientations and identities out on display: unless you’re straight and not confused about what’s between your legs. They’re out of touch with the real world. If you watch CNN, you’d think 44% of the population is transgender. They live in ivory tower echo chambers and they can’t seem to figure out that being arrogant and condescending isn’t convincing anyone of their world views.

  12. Way to shut down honest and open communication so early in the relationship! That will serve you well I'm sure.

  13. Hé made me feel like I wasn’t sepecial. That is normal? Yeah

  14. You look like you're mouth would be a good piss hole. You probably couldn't swallow fast enough and it would run off your chin and tits until you have piss going down your belly and dripping off that loose and sloppy cunt of yours.

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