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  1. Also, you need to change your native language to use "Latinx" instead of "Latino/Latina" because I, a native English speaker, am offended.

  2. This is all Donald Trump's fault, him and his top-secret nefarious "Operation Warp Speed" plan to enrich his big pharma buddies! What did Trump know, and when did he know it?

  3. It does seem like it's sort of a contest to see who can be the most unique special snowflake.

  4. New player here.. how are you getting 13 influence a month?

  5. Only took almost 20 years to get back to preban levels

  6. And there are definitely way more guns in the US now than in 1994, probably as much as 100 million more.

  7. Wife and I got the original strain before the vaccines were even a thing. Aside from the loss of smell thing, it was indistinguishable from the common flu.

  8. There's even a name for this strategy, it's called Murphy's Law.

  9. Which one? Pretty much everybody thinks EITHER 2016 or 2020 was rigged, but not both, and not neither.

  10. Well, Trump is the only other eligible person who has experience in that job. And like before, unlike literally every other candidate in history from either party, his campaign wouldn't be dependent on/beholden to donations from rich special interests.

  11. You think the trump campaign didn't take any contributions from special interests?

  12. I'm sure he did, but it didn't make or break his campaign like it would for literally every other candidate out there from either party. It doesn't put him in a position where he has to do what they say or his campaign goes bankrupt. Or, put another way, there's literally nobody else on the planet with enough money to make him sit up and dance. There is no "trillionaire class" controlling the billionaires.

  13. There's a certain etiquette in mens rooms - you get in, do your business, get out. Do not talk or make eye contact with anybody. And do not use a urinal right next to someone else unless it's literally the last one available.

  14. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - it means you can fully take ownership of various processes, change them as you see fit, etc. and there isn't anybody to tell you you're doing it wrong.

  15. And how, pray tell, does the FBI get this data?

  16. Double headed trains might be easier to implement for newer players or newer bases, where you might only have one train going to one outpost on one track. For babby's first oil outpost, this might be the way to go just to get it up and running.

  17. No. I've been on several and never seen anything near this bad. A couple windy days here and there where you can feel a bit of rocking (especially if you're drunk) but most of the time it's very calm and you can't even tell the ship is moving unless you really stop and pay attention to it.

  18. Allowing right wing voices =/= silencing left wing voices.

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