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  1. Those were the days. Scifi Friday before the network changed hands and that one woman took over and retitled it "syfy" for some inane reason and then started airing wrestling for some bullshit reason.

  2. Yep, that was a great time for that channel. Wonder if any of their executives realize they fucked up. Or maybe they just cut costs so much that they're still profitable with 1/10th the viewers.

  3. As far as I can tell the start and end of the reason is that somebody mistakenly used it at some point, and the rest of the program grew around that. If a method returns dynamic and another method expects a dynamic parameter, might as well use dynamic in the code I'm currently writing... At least that's the logic I assume was used.

  4. You're doing the right thing trying to fix it. Maybe not if it's going to take a few months, but if it's something you think you can tackle in a reasonable amount of time, or can do in chunks, then definitely go for it. I've been in similar situations before, it's always worth it.

  5. Yeah, the writing from the soul bit was what came to mind immediately.

  6. We can finally go to 4.9. All the confusion will be over now.

  7. My thoughts exactly. What's she gonna do, say "no" to the guy who decides whether people go to hell or not? Remember this was before Jesus died to give eternal life just for believing in him. Mary was under the Old Covenant where every sin matters. Is refusing God's intention for a baby the same thing as abortion? That's certainly the language modern Christians use.

  8. If she says no, then of course the answer's no, but she's not gonna say no...because of the implication.

  9. I'm not qualified to think, but I think you're valid.

  10. I still do that, I can't help it, it's like swearing. But I did quit saying "bless you" when someone sneezes. They don't need me to save them from the evil spirits making them sneeze.

  11. I am tallying up how many signs I see and voting for whoever has the most signs. It was getting rather confusing changing my mind every time I saw somebody voting for somebody else.

  12. Me too, it's hard to keep track of the number of signs but it's worth it. I lost count in 2016 and we know how that ended...

  13. It's not stealing if they put it on public property. Just have to go steal some public property Dixon signs if you feel like evening the score.

  14. Red pill yourself. You will be happier.

  15. Please, you'd be crying about steak and begging to be let back into the Matrix.

  16. Lol, nah. Steak sounds good.

  17. Oh wait, you're referencing red pill and you haven't even seen The Matrix? Lol.

  18. But I totally assume that a supreme being exist. That being also happens to be me. Thank you for your vote!

  19. They could have played that angle up instead, so everyone wanted it to be one of the women, and they're horrified it's Rand. They'd all miss the clues it was Rand because they're blinded by wishful thinking.

  20. You say potato, I say tomato, and that is a very different thing to say.

  21. I never had books banned. If I had questions regarding anything at school I asked and we talked. I feel that is what’s missing now.

  22. You can't have a discussion, these people had their minds made up by Internet propaganda, and have been innoculated against changing their minds by making the school part of the conspiracy so they can't be trusted.

  23. I actually believe, sadly, that business have achieved constitutional person hood and for all general legal purposes are considered a human being.

  24. An immortal human being that can never go to jail.

  25. But two can be as bad as one, since it's the loneliest number since the number one.

  26. People with serious mental illnesses are far more likely to be victims of violent crime than to commit them. Most violent criminals are not mentally ill. It takes a high degree of organization to systematically stalk and abduct a person, to soundproof a storage unit, etc. People with decompensated mental illness are generally too disorganized to commit premeditated violent crimes.

  27. Isn't psychopathy considered a mental illness though?

  28. Yes and no. Lack of empathy and disregard for others are features of both Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. However these are, as the name implies, characterological descriptors which are fixed and pervasive. They are not treatable mental illnesses.

  29. OK, yeah, looking at it from a treatability perspective I can see the distinction. I read The Psycopath Test (granted not a scientific book but good journalism anyway) a few years ago and it talked a lot about all the stuff they tried to fix people like that, and there being no evidence any of it ever worked.

  30. Excuse me, you said it was OK for me to disagree, but is it OK for me to agree? I don't want to take any liberties on this public forum.

  31. No Christian is ever going to accept abortion on demand. It is murder. And there are millions on us who hold firm to this with every fiber of our being. But that's fine, keep going in the insane direction you're going. And keep destroying the economy with your war on fossil fuels and your climate ideology zeal. Watch what happens this November. People don't much like paying $5.50 a gallon for gas.

  32. Yeah, except plenty of Christians do. Also, the founding fathers gave us separation of church and state for a reason. They know where theocracy leads, too bad you can't manage to catch up to the same level of wisdom they had in the 1700s.

  33. School board races aren't supposed to be funded by national groups. It's the local school board. They aren't even meant to be partisan. Nice of conservatives to screw up that.

  34. You won’t specifically condemn the Koran by name as you would the Bible though, will you?

  35. It's different when it's the religion you grew up with. Plenty of ex-Muslims out there that can handle that.

  36. My School stocked the entire line of Robert Heinlein's novels... so gay stuff, orgy stuff, every sex act he could dream up...

  37. People who don't read much have no idea what's been in books for decades. When they get outraged they just show their ignorance.

  38. How the fuck is proposal 3 confusing? What I find confusing is the GQP stating abortion rights should be decided by the states, then shortly afterwards stating there should be a nationwide abortion ban.

  39. They meant it should be decided by the deep red states.

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