1. Exactly. My wife is a woman, not a female. Female reduces her to the level of a dog.

  2. No, bitch would reduce her down to the level of a dog. female is a biological sex. Like plants are female, animals are female, wall outlets are female. etc.

  3. Fine. It reduces her to a wall outlet. The point being she is not defined by her sex.

  4. Sex and gender not the same thing. Female and woman are not the same thing. It shouldn't be difficult to separate the two.

  5. If you're on a budget you should try a thrift store. Just grab any random denim jacket off the rack and cut the sleeves off.

  6. My assumption was they were transmasc, you know, the kind of person a lesbian might mistake for another lesbian.

  7. To this day I have never heard a Latino person use that term. Because Latino is already the broad gendered term and some clueless white person came along and decided it was too offensive. It's not how the fucking language works. This meme is entirely accurate.

  8. You do know we call a lot of people things that are not the same as they call themselves, right? Japanese people don't call themselves japanese, Germans don't call themselves German, etc.

  9. I, like a true TOP G, enjoy myself some sparklin' water or club soda on the daily. And like the true connoisseur of sparkling water beverages, I have tried the Liquid Death version. And....I give it a 3.5/10. Taste is fine but it has no bite. It's like it's half-way gone flat already. Just weak. I want that tongue-cutting razor sharp carbonation, god damnit! But, alas, LD sparkling water is like the limp dick of sparkling water beverages.

  10. "Death to plastic" is inscribed on their labels somewhere....but for those who don't know, it's carbonated water....few different flavors too. Personally I am not a big soda drinker....but I like me some fizzy drank and Liquid Death "Severed Lime" is delicious on hot days.

  11. The one I bought is just plain still water. It's pretty good water but it's mostly marketing at the end of the day.

  12. And what about West Virginia? There's not even an East Virginia, so what's the point?

  13. It's probably cringe, but my first punk "album" was Ramones Greatest Hits. I wouldn't call it a favorite anymore, but when I was 11 it was the coolest shit to me.

  14. So what you're saying is 80% of all sex offenders are cishet.

  15. I don't like those kinds of shoes because of the bulk around the top- it is not stable for the ankles.

  16. Skate shoes have not been "bulky" in about twenty years, and are designed with ankle stability in mind.

  17. It was a fun movie and definitely a product of it’s time. I like it for the nostalgia factor (the production and the way it looks is peak 90s, not my personal memories because they weren’t like that, lol).

  18. I can't remember exactly, but I think I had to stop the sequel halfway through just because it was so bad.

  19. There was a DC bob's burgers collab last year I think. It would be worth looking into.

  20. That's what I was also thinking, though the lack of bike lanes and sidewalks makes me lean towards the Navi due to road legality. Do you have a specific ebike you'd recommend? I was also considering upgrading from my current board to a meepo hurricane, as that 45mph capability is tempting at around the same price point. My biggest concern with EVs is range and a reliable charging space.

  21. E-bikes are road legal, as are regular bicycles (in the United States).

  22. A global internet outage would cause havoc. A global power outage after en masse EMP attack would fuck shit up.

  23. It would but no really in a good way. It would kill thousands if not millions of people. Healthcare would be absolutely destroyed, most of our food would immediately spoil, and heating/air-conditioning systems would be useless. For someone who's healthy and young it may not be an issue, but for the elderly and those dependent on constant medical care it would be a death sentence.

  24. Loads of punks especially crust punks like to set rules for what applies to vests and pants and shit on anyone who doesn’t follow their rules

  25. I've never really gotten into crust so that's probably why I'm not familiar.

  26. No, dumbass. Within in this context. It makes literally no sense as an insult. You're so distraught from this interaction that you're speaking nonsensically. This is a bad look for you, dawg.

  27. It's not an insult, that's why it doesn't sound like an insult. Are you okay? You seem to be terribly disturbed.

  28. I'm going to say fairly high. I've never broken a tooth riding, but I've definitely it my face a good amount of times.

  29. just need the emo kids to stop listening to indie and get back into hardcore

  30. You'll probably want to make your own. Commercial punk clothes are expensive and look out of place. Just take whatever clothes you have and fuck them up to your taste.

  31. The shoes themselves are not "goth" but you can still rock these with a goth outfit. These are super cute!!

  32. I can see Ace becoming the new "third party" option for trucks. I have yet to try them myself but I hear almost exclusively positive reviews.

  33. The thing is over 99% of skateboarders and definitely more than that don’t NEED anything more than a basic truck. I respect the new technology I’m just a FEEL dude. I simply don’t feel the difference between my Ace Classics and my Indy Stage 11. I have a squeaky pivot cup but I can fix that. Bearings having a more silent ride is a sensory thing. Tightening the nut all the way is a sensory thing.Those are things I will spend a little more on. I honestly haven’t had trucks I couldn’t eventually adjust to my liking to do much more than buy some slick looking fairly weighted trucks. If I can’t get busy with that it aint the trucks that’s the issue

  34. I'm sorry, I'm not understanding what you're getting at. I'm just saying Ace seems to be becoming the new favorite truck brand besides Indy and thunder.

  35. 37 is 13 from 50 and is 12 from 25. So no, it’s closer to 25 than 50

  36. It's also almost 2023. It's 37.75 ergo closer to 50, regardless why would you want to round down to 25 anyway? Just seems like a boomer seething about being close to death.

  37. Oops, wrong buddy. But keep grasping at your youth as Satan drags you to your grave ⏳⌛️💞💖

  38. I wonder how she became famous when she was underage blonde white girl, who can't sing, yet her first productions were extremely well funded..

  39. That's so strange, it's almost like her brother professional musician Finneas produced it or something.

  40. Thoughts on their t shirt fit? I’m pretty short but typically buy M for Nike/Uniqlo shirts for a slightly bigger fit. Does kooples fit kinda the same?

  41. I'd say true to size. I didn't notice anything unusual about the fit.

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