1. Up your bed temp and change your part cooling fan settings in your slicer, set your fan to ramp up across the first 4 or so layers, also add a brim

  2. Do you put them away of you see someone or just smile and keep walking?

  3. Those all look amazing! I don't suppose you be willing to share the files? I have a 9yr old that would love it if I printed those

  4. Does your printer not run a bed level with the cr touch before the print?

  5. How the hell did you get it approved so fast? I've been waiting since July 4th for final approval on my purchase. My friend waited 10 weeks for final approval when he bought from a range

  6. That's a tough call when they both look so good. You could have really made it difficult to decide and added pussy too.

  7. Pretty sure it's all mixed up in the giant court challenge.

  8. And the government gets to decide who interprets the rule of law, which is pretty damn handy for the government

  9. Phone the cfo immediately and get the ball rolling, rumor has it the cfo will not drop anything in progress or pending from before the ban regardless of what the government wants, you get a transfer started today and they drop a bann next week they plan to complete your transfer as far as I've heard

  10. Governments giving you a rebate and enmax is gonna take it in admin fees, so glad I don't live in the city.

  11. I can only imagine what the comment section on this will look like soon enough

  12. A mirror pic, with you sitting nude, spreading your legs and spreading yourself open with one hand?

  13. You can laugh at me for asking but what is a Jesus railed ar15?

  14. The hive mind tells you to put lead down range, very far down range

  15. Maybeeee 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

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