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So buff, wow

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  1. It is, but the article does state that technically nobody has been confirmed to have died of an overdose (which is the entire point of this discussion).

  2. Yes...I read this prior to correction:

  3. It's probably still possible, so my hopes is that the person I saw in critical condition actually survived, and the other 3 people others saw also survived. But regardless someone did die there, which is awful. ✌️

  4. What businesses? There's only auto dealerships, strip malls and big box stores in the area. It's a stroad paradise.

  5. You think strip malls are empty?! 😂

  6. Oh, no! They're always full of cars. That's part of the stroad paradise. The parking at the CTC however is always empty except during events.

  7. Yes...that makes sense. People shop before or after events...not during events. People are employed and some may not have the capacity to get downtown for jobs when they are single parents, don't drive, etc.

  8. An investigation by a third, non-bias, party. The NDA was breached when the PD (Josie) called around to smear the victim's name. Null and Void!

  9. An email the company sent to someone, shared to social media, says "We conducted an investigation". The purpose of an NDA was NEVER intended to silence victims. It was intended to protect the intelligent property/secret of a company when an employee leaves.

  10. Health Care is in a giant tailspin. We have a conservative government without a plan for anything other than highways and construction. 4 more years of destruction. The next party in power will look fiscally irresponsible when they dump a ton of money into repairing the damages done.

  11. Here's a link to a Twitter post with links to interviews Laura did.

  12. 😂😂😂 not a chance.

  13. Maybe she has an Only Fans and has income for it? But it doesn't explain SnapChat

  14. I can't sleep, I'm trying really hard but I'm only feeling so confused by all of it. I remember my mum telling me that she was sterilised as I ruined her life so much, but my granny told me that she was infertile. I realise it's sort of irrelevant, but having been rejected by my mum a lot and her actually preferring my children, it just makes me sad it was all for nothing.

  15. What part of the world do you live in? I can help with resources if it's in my area.

  16. I'm sorry all this has happened to you. Maybe looking at cultural traditions and laws will help you understand their decision for them to raise you. Potentially death or alienation could have been the consequence to your bio mom and mother.

  17. I’m all fairness to stingray it was reported on a ‘weekend’ and they likely need time to reinvestigate, if they plan on it, before acting on this. They only have what was given to them by newcap and probably had to dig it out of legal storage. a single social media post shouldn’t be enough for the scorched earth response people are asking for. Heck we, as outsiders, don’t even know what the agreement between the legal parties were nor are they obligated to the public to release it. So they investigated? Great! However just because an investigation happened does not imply guilt or innocence right? Let’s not blindly assume things and be judge and jury while only having part of the situation presented ( and available) to us

  18. It was posted on a Thursday...but sure we'll say the weekend. If you dig into the comments of this thread, you'll see many instances of previous staff also telling their account. Also, the emails sent out state they've already looked at it. Ultimately, it's their decision. But the public also has a say in how not addressing this contributes to the already stated toxic culture and sweeping it under the rug. When multiple previous employees state they aren't surprised, and share their experiences, I'd say that adds weight to my views as a consumer. It's not good.

  19. Sorry my bad. I fell for a common thing… I noticed the post on Reddit on the weekend and brain farted assuming it was posted Friday or the weekend. I really should have looked at the time stamps of Laura’s post.

  20. Again, I agree in part. I think many may have lived similar experiences outside of radio. I know I have and this resonates with me and not in a good way. Although some may be able to put emotions aside (optimal), not everyone can. This allows a space to sound off and appears to have created a safe enough space for previous staff to voice their stories. Stingray will do their thing, but listeners will do the same. The best PR strategy, in my opinion, would be to have issued a statement that states they are looking into the matter. Simple as that. Missed opportunity at this point.

  21. Do we need a reason?! Bottom line, we're not Toronto. He doesn't want to be Premiere...he wants to be the mayor of Toronto.

  22. They always say to me “You need to follow to what ever we say to you because we support you financially” and yeah i’m 18. i would definitely consider moving out when i get a job

  23. Can I ask where you are from or which culture you are rooted in? This may enlighten some of us.

  24. OP responded that they are Asian and not from a culture with arranged marriages. So I would guess East, Southeast Asian, or Pacific Islander.

  25. Sometimes parents want their children to focus on education or want their children's partners to meet certain criteria. It's not unheard of. It sounds like a generational gap in culture.

  26. Omg...if you have to pucker up your a**hole...then so does he! Fart if you need to fart. Go to the bathroom or another room if you can...but farting is normal.

  27. I'm gonna hijack this comment and ask at what age should a dad stop play-smacking their kids bums and holding them down to tickle them? I've got two girls still in diapers and hate that someday I won't be able to tease them like this but would hate to miss that day and make it weird.

  28. Always ask for consent."May I tickle you?" "Do you want to play fight?" This will serve them well in knowing they are also in control of their decisions when it comes to their bodies even when it comes to adults.

  29. If you entertain relationships where you don't trust your partner, that's on you. I left my marriage because of it. It wasn't a healthy relationship. There's no B/S there.

  30. Damn. You know what they say about camping right? It's fucking in tents.

  31. 😂😂😂😂😂 Again. I'm not worried😉

  32. He won't see any therapists who don't support his religion. AKA someone who will reaffirm his belief he needs to suppress this :(

  33. Religion should never be denied or pushed on anyone through ethical counseling/therapy. If it happens, end services.

  34. Lmao it does happen. It’s very very common and It happened to me and it was really upsetting. I have no idea why Reddit treats therapists like saints, I wish I had trusted my instincts and never gone to therapy

  35. Is it not regulated where you are? A code of ethics to abide by?

  36. I think educating yourself on the subject and how to navigate it might help you stop demanding information. It is traumatizing going through it. Retraumatizing and forcing her to look back at it when she's not ready is completely disrespectful of you. As someone who's been in her shoes, don't push the topic. Reliving it all to meet your demands will only drive a wedge between the two of you.

  37. Such as her being bitter and wanting to ruin the relationship for her own gain. He said he had old friends over so the way I see it she was just looking out for an old friend.

  38. What would be the motive?!? I'm a middle aged adult and it sounds heavily childish to even bring it up to someone you haven't seen in 3 or more years (either of them). It sounds like a pretty shitty things to do, stick your nose in a relationship that you know nothing about.

  39. I cannot speak to her motive as I don't know her. But I can say I would do the exact same if a woman fucked 30 dudes in one year. That's unnecessary trouble.

  40. This "friend" says she didn't know if she did or didn't have sex with these guys. What unnecessary trouble exactly? She didn't cheat on anyone as she didn't commit to anyone. Sounds like she has more insight than many out there who are serial cheaters. She knows what she wants. At the current time, as a more mature adult, she wants the committed relationship and family.

  41. You mean you found your EX-BOYFRIEND? Don't do it. Don't let him move in. He's clearly not serious and playing games. This won't change.

  42. Unacceptable views...I interpreted that as Nazi flags and Confederate flags being unacceptable. If that didn't cross your mind, you're definitely privileged. This entire convoy/occupation/protest was the most tonw deaf I've ever seen. Please do not respond with "it's a few bad apples". That is the saddest excuse. Hitler was 1 bad apple. It was necessary to implement the emergency act given border crossings were blocked. I'm definitely not educating you on the complexity and damage this causes. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on why it was necessary.

  43. I think the injunction speaks for itself. You can find information on Paul Champ's Twitter account.

  44. He's immature. Toss him. Around his friends he's abusive and toxic. You determine the way your partner treats you. Set clear boundaries as to.what is not acceptable. Someone who disrespects reasonable boundaries should get the boot.

  45. You cared enough to make a comment about it. 🤦‍♀️

  46. All good... I was trying to get my point across to OP on how absolutely ridiculous it was. Glad it worked...maybe on the wrong audience. 😂

  47. I wouldn't jump to neurodivergence just yet. At times, OCD is on the opposite half of the anxiety coin. At times, OCD, which is very difficult to diagnose and treat, masquarades as many different behaviors. I've seen someone treated for panic disorder, really for years, before reaching an eventually OCD diagnosis that lead to real progress.

  48. I just want to respond to say that anxiety and OCD is often a comorbidity to neurodivergence. Often times, folks are first diagnosed with anxiety before any neurodivergent diagnoses.

  49. She's clearly attracted the the whole you. Not just the physique. Understand that personality, humour, intelligence are all parts of you that controbute to being attractive. However, if you push her away and resent her for it, you'll likely not make it.

  50. Are there children involved? If so, I could see having you around every time at the beginning coyld be difficult, not only for her but the kids.

  51. I prefer grocery store flowers. I think they make me just as happy as florist flowers. I can't justify spending far more when it's available for less. She should be happy nonetheless.

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