1. Kira is super interesting to me for so many reasons, but especially because he's the first human villain in JoJo. Like Dio was evil before he turned but he doesn't do truly monstrous things until afterwards. Kira's evil all comes from his own dark compulsions, and he doesn't think it's wrong because it's simply in his nature, and he justifies it because he only kills women he thinks are bad. That's what makes it so interesting when he starts to care for Shinobu, and some of his humanity comes out. It isn't framed like a redemption arc or evidence that he's morally grey, it just adds texture to his character and reminds us that this is a human being with some empathy.

  2. With Doppio, his bouts of violent anger are really a toss-up between it being his default personality and Diavolo beginning to assert control over him.

  3. The moment where FANG realizes he killed Rashid'a friend and just smiles like, "Oh I get to hurt you real good now." Cemented him as a total piece of shit and justified... everything else.

  4. Then he finds out the hard way that Rashid is his hard counter.

  5. Neon White features a journal that catalogues what are basically your social links. You're introduced to most of the characters early on, so most of the sections are filled out. However, you'll see one conspicuous silhouette if you look through your journal during the first half of the game. Judging by the very shape coupled with a particular introduction a little later on, a player can put it together

  6. I mean thats a given, its a different language.

  7. Worded it poorly. I mean that Raiden is a deep baritone in the Japanese, while he sounds like he looks in MGS2 and does an exaggerated growly voice in MGS4 and Rising.

  8. Had to make the distinction because the sub also covers Mortal Kombat.

  9. This news has already been covered

  10. kazuo akuji in saints row 2, he is a yakuza oyabun that legit is good at action, one of the few character the Boss need to "cheat" after their boss fight, but he completely fucks everything up because he is too used to be a big shot in Japan he destroys the ronin's best connection over nothing and somehow accomplish less than his fuck up son because he keeps attacking head on the saints instead of cheap shots

  11. I saw someone assessing his character quite accurately as someone fit to run the yakuza but not a street gang, which his son has more experience doing.

  12. I loved that. Both wanted the same thing, Yagami just wanted to try and get it done the legal way (with all the negatives that involves) while Kuwana was like, “What if I just fuckin’ stab them?” and entirely ignoring legality.

  13. Yagami also technically stretches legality as far as he can in order to obtain information.

  14. I mean...Kuwana seems to also be about revealing the truth as well. He just also thinks that they should be punished, regardless of what the law says.

  15. Kuwana reveals the perpetrators to the parents and loved ones of the victims as part of his MO of letting them decide if they want to kill the perpetrators themselves, but the bodies afterwards usually disappear. The one time when he allowed a parent to take the plan further in order to humiliate the court is what jumpstarted the events of the game in the first place.

  16. You might recognize Robotnik's voice actor.

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