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  • By - 787v

  1. Full sugar vanilla coffee syrup or warmed banana baby food always works for me

  2. oh yes so many squeaks, he’ll do a big loud one before he plays dead & his bother gets really confused and spooked 😂 he wants to check on him but also give him space lol

  3. In cartoons people always yell as they're clutching their chest and dying from a heart attack- he's really got commitment to the part

  4. i know i feel so bad! it’s very rare & my vet has heard of it but never actually met a rat who does this, the proper term is “tonic immobility”. when it happens i just pick him up to remind him he’s okay & not going to be eaten lol. As soon as i pick him up he pops back to life, he’s my most interesting rat so far

  5. Oh you're in for all the drama with this one 😅 please do keep sharing updates on dramatic mcdramaticface

  6. You want frozen blood worms from the freezer frozen into ice cubes. You buy them already frozen into cubes. You take a cube out, defrost it in water and then put it in the tank.

  7. Does anyone know how in the actual hell this guy survived?!?! He went missing 3 MONTHS ago. No predators, just a lone guppy and corydoras. We had a will byers FUNERAL. AND HES BACK??! I tore apart the tank, new substrate, store apart the filter and put it back together. Checked every nook and cranny. The only thing we notice is a patch of scales gone but that will heal over time. Does anyone have answers???

  8. I'm just amazed he hasn't eaten the guppy in all that time

  9. My experience of these is they get all grotty and are hard to clean and fish somehow garotte themselves on them.. but ymv

  10. Out of curiosity what safety rule did they come up with to prevent this happening again?

  11. Just to add, he is a vet. Not saying that it's not sad that he made a mistake with a patient, but I do feel there is a difference between a human and an animal and he's implying that he killed a person. Either way, he should have sought real therapy, not his coworker who he would date if he was single.

  12. I mean did they not call you again?? It's not uncommon for it to be like raising the dead getting hold of one our consultants- no one gives him shit for it they just keep ringing till he wakes up.

  13. They'll love this! Only thing is I've lost lots of fish over the years in weird tube related incidents- if you've got any other fish with heads a similar size to the diameter of the tube I wouldn't put it in- one fish will full on derp decide to put it's head in and they don't think to swim backwards so just get themselves wedged and drown before you can realise 🙈

  14. Not the worst idea AT ALL! Really courageous and proactive. Early intervention can save lives. If they are invalidating, walk out. Easier said than done, but you deserve the same quality of treatment anybody of any BMI receives. Struggling is struggling. Proud of you for taking actionable steps to take care of yourself.

  15. Oh bless you thank you so much. It's been decades since my eating disorder was really a problem and it feels so utterly ridiculous trying to get help when I'm so overweight considering how hard it was to get help when I was emaciated all those years ago. Genuinely emotional I'm so grateful for your support

  16. Slice two pieces of sweet potatoes, spray with a bit of olive oil and cook for 20 min. Fry eggs. Cut veggies. Devour. Don’t drink the candle 😋

  17. How do you cook the sweet potato? In the oven? Sorry first time encountering sweet potato toast!

  18. Yes, in the oven :) just cut two slices about 1/4-1/2 of an inch. Spray both sides with olive oil and add some salt. Bake for 10 min at 425 on each side.

  19. Yeah I'm back to being absolutely freezing all the time. Been decades since I felt like this and I do not enjoy it. I really haven't missed this side effect of restriction.

  20. I read they were looking into oysters for that as well but I don't know how that study ended up

  21. Dude, we’re in a convo about mushrooms - what would you think?

  22. I dunno they use mussels for water purification so thought it wasn't totally impossible

  23. I love the trellis! Sounds daft but how did you make it?

  24. In the thumbnail I thought the toppings were beef jerky and nacho cheese sauce. PB and brownie sounds waaaaaay more delicious hahaha

  25. I thought it was dried mushrooms.. this sub has given me weird food expectations

  26. I've always had a nightmare with bettas. They get every illness under the sun. I'm totally baffled by all the posts of people miraculously reviving them from these horrific cups of water etc. Mine just seem to rot. And no it's not water quality- I don't have this problem with any other species and I watertest.

  27. Why are they illegal in the UK? Imo they look like they’re made to be marketed towards kids and would be promoted as easy/not difficult to care for (1 gallon bowl vibes with plastic plants) and would be neglected of their proper needs - that’s what my fear would be

  28. Because they could survive in our waters and they're afraid of the genes getting into local populations of fish. It's a knee jerk thing about GMOs

  29. Is that really the reason they are banned ? I’m trying to think of all the glow fish species like Danios, Tetras, Cory’s all of them seem to be tropical fish. Are there parts of the UK that don’t freeze or experience winter ?

  30. It's more a blanket ban on all GMO animals "incase" they survive. You're correct that none of these species would

  31. I kinda love them. It doesn't do them any harm unlike breeding for deliberate deformities like balloon mollies, dwarf fish and bettas with tails so long they don't have the energy to do anything but lie on plants.. but somehow the wrong colour fish are the ones that get the hate because it's "nOt NaTuRaL" 🙄

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