1. had she just hatched? if they’re already totally dry then unfortunately there’s not anything to do really :(( these moths have a vestigial digestive system so you dont have to worry about feeding her or anything though

  2. Moved out of the way. We don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood so the grass would have been a safer bet than just accepting you're gonna get hit. Defensive driving is just as important. I accept that if we did hit I would have been at fault, but just sitting there like a deer in headlights when you see a car coming at you isn't any better at all.

  3. Get her on a vertical surface asap so he can pump her wings, otherwise they can end up permanently damaged

  4. I did. The weather is nasty outside so has a temporary enclosure with sticks and leaves to climb on

  5. Be honest now, is that a potato and you're trolling us?

  6. I have the exact same issue! It's infuriating! I don't know what to do hopefully we'll get answers. I already uninstalled the app once and restarted my phone. I think it's a bug

  7. Maybe he needs to start showering instead of taking a bath. A huge waste of water to do both

  8. It reminds me of a blue topaz doublet we have at my work. There's a thin layer of white mother of pearl behind it. Can you see behind the stone?

  9. Clean the bottom of stone and rephoto on white background. If sterling ring it is probably blue topaz. If gold we will need more info to guess.

  10. That's because I don't see a single suitable shell for a hermit crab.

  11. Photography combined with filter adjustments and editing. My pet bearded dragon Leo.

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