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  1. Hey man i’m from America, 22 i enjoy cooking and partying 👀 what’re some of your favorite things to cook? I’m interested in your Canadian Palate

  2. Hi 👋 Fajitas, Italian spaghetti, « paté chinois » 😅 )just google it) that’s some regular dishes I cook by the week. But when I do for friends I like to use a Weber kettle bbq to cook some meat like tomahawks or recently I tried some pizzas like 3 cheeses and confit onions or margarita for example. Well I like to try new things.It’s the same things about beer and drinks ;-)

  3. Woaw! Like a rare and precious flower under the sun. ♥️

  4. Pleasure is for me. Thanks for keeping beautify this world 😘

  5. I’d like to ask her if she’d like to have a threesome MFF.

  6. Company ! I’m at work on a Night Shift!

  7. Upvoted! You’re definitely so sweet ♥️

  8. As someone who’s tried most of what the comments are recommending and it didn’t help, I got an ambien prescription. Best sleep ever. Not for everyone.

  9. What’s an ambien prescription?

  10. Breathing technique, search for it, very useful to calm down.

  11. This is spot on, 4-5 is the worst for me

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