1. Beating Skyrim. I've done it four times and it's fun, but never the same.

  2. My only friend who enjoys hiking and outdoorsy stuff is always pretty busy and lives about two hours away. My other friends are all kinda scared of simple things like roller coasters and hiking in the woods and so that takes some of the fun out of it, since that's mostly what my family plans our trips around

  3. I was at a new school and met this kid that everyone hated because of some 'event' that happened (my brain was thinking he was suspected of murder but dream me didn't know that) and we went roller skating in the gym and I was really proud because I wasn't doing badly like I normally do. Then some little kids brought go-karts into the gym and the teacher(?) came so we had to hide while she was looking for us in the dark :/

  4. In the 6th grade my friends and I were approached by a drunk(?) man on our way home from school. Another adult had to come and get him to leave us alone.

  5. Not really. It did sorta help me come to terms with the fact that I like my friend tho.

  6. I mean, guilt tripping yourself might work. Maybe watch videos about intoxicated people who did bad stuff. That helpped my mom to stop... for two months at least.

  7. Auctions are decent. Just have classes make things that they can sell to parents or whoever. Adults love things made by their kids. My elementary school even served the parents alcohol.

  8. Probably my aunt. She's cool and I really admire her.

  9. I would get killed by a few Silver Hands after trying to rush through a quest so I could turn back into a human.

  10. When a guy thinks it's your job to like him back. It only happened to me once but it was really weird.

  11. In middle school my math teacher was the worst. She kicked a student out of class for coughing-

  12. Just text her saying it's you and keep up small talk. Just don't pressure her into questions about dating if you don't know her too well.

  13. All the trees by my school look so pretty, especially the one with the bee hive.

  14. Tylenol and Advil? Those are considered drugs, right?

  15. Probably not mention it. My friend would have had a good reason. Unless it was this one friend I have. Then I'd call store security over.

  16. Norman from The Promised Neverland! I love Emma and Ray too but his character development is the best

  17. Once this boy was making fun of the crybaby in our class and calling him weak and other names I told him, "Dude, stop saying that" He replied "I'm not talking to you" Cue eye roll "Obviously not" "Well why did you say that?" "Your being a jerk, now knock it off" He was shocked a girl yelled at him and his face was hilarious. The crybaby boy was really embarrassed but I felt really cool. Bonus: the bully ended up crushing on me. His 'friend' ratted him out to the school.

  18. I just ignore them until I forget about them. My memory is pretty bad though so if it's not brought up I won't remember it.

  19. Not a pastry, but I loved their cream cheese bagel bites

  20. Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stich, Big Hero 6, I don't remember any others lol

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