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  1. How does it feel to have wasted your money on a scam disguised as an investment?

  2. Don't you feel even more shitty now some reddit NFT's go for $8/9k?

  3. What you define as enough then?

  4. I hope the same for you 🙏 By the way I didn’t really looked in to XMR since it wasn’t offered on my main exhange, but Kraken offers it. I will keep an eye out on that one, thanks :)

  5. It' unfortunate, but hey, we cannot look in the future and at that point hope for this cryptocurrency seemed completely lost. So you could't know. I threw in about 650€ mid june at around 0.00010/12. Bought another 5mil at around 0.00008, but decided to sell again because I felt over exposed... I would have been in about 5k profits as well. At this point I decided to put everything in terra station and stake it. See where it goes in about 2/3 years.

  6. Oh and not sure if your interested, but I bought a little bag of $RBIF, they have some strong following and is currently on ICO price. Maybe another $20 moonshot within a few months / years lmao

  7. I found out solution by the way. When you try and claim rewards shortly a screen pops up with choosing gass fee currency. Mine was on ustc. Since I didn’t have any at the time it just glitched. I managed to click and switch it really quick to luna classic and all was good! :) good luck anyways

  8. Appreciate the reply, I've not tried since but will look into this when claiming rewards next time , thanks👌

  9. No probs. Just to be clear. When you go to withdraw all rewards. The claim screen is shown for maybe 1/2 seconds. You can choose the fee. Put this real fast on luna and you are good.

  10. I just bought 300k more because I can't help but see a juicy buying opportunity

  11. Same my friend! o7 420k more lets go!

  12. No, all stocks are down overall due to inflation reports. If everything goes down, LUNC probably goes down also. Fear in the market.

  13. im going thru this as well from zoloft, 3 months off, anxiety hopelessness, agitation, slowly creeping back

  14. Thats unfortunate, but I wouldn’t give your hopes up just yet. Maybe its only temporary.

  15. yes im thinking about going on another AD that dont cause too much weight gain

  16. Good for you, keep trying. Hopefully you find what your looking for

  17. Is this issue solved? I have the same problem..

  18. I think, step in more with your right food. It seems to be stuck on the ground with your rights

  19. I heard buy more. Anyone else hear that?

  20. Hey hey! I was the first who responded on the money comment!

  21. Get some professional help and try out medicine if needed. In the meantime go workout. Going to the gym helped me out with getting my head calm. Also fighting sports are good for people with ADHD.

  22. I went to high school with her oddly enough. Graduated the same year, almost dated her in middle school lmao she’s always been a little crazy

  23. Almost dated? Like in you had eye contact a few times and you thought she smiled once?

  24. Since my past life outside the matrix

  25. Truth is, they don’t owe you anything. If you don’t like it, then sell and forget about it. You decided to buy in to the project, and you are free to leave the project whenever you want. Don’t start crying on a sub that you want more money like a little kid. Clown.

  26. Sell and leave this sub then, bye 👋

  27. I have this thought in a little sandbox within my mind that since we were not conscious before we were born and we will return to that state upon our death, there may be a chance to be conscious again. Of course it would not be the same “us” that is reading my comment right now. We may come into consciousness as an ant or a gorilla or a fish or if we are extremely lucky, some royal person yet to be born. We would not have the memories and the experiences that we had before so it is not exactly reincarnation so to speak.

  28. Regarding Alan Watts, as mentioned before. He states that we are the universe experiencing itself. Dying is the same as sleeping and waking up. It is a process of going in to the unknown, back to the known. Similar to a wave, sort of separate to the ocean, going back into the everything. We are like the circular waves from a drop of water in a puddle, spreading our energy, and eventually going back to being everything. If you where able to live a life where you could do everything you wanted, like a dream with full controle, living through every possible outcome knowing you are the source of everything. Eventually you would get bored, same as playing a video game. Wouldn’t you, within this level of existence, want to make it as real as possible and create a situation where you are simply “not knowing” to get the most out of your current experience?

  29. Seems like we are far from the bottom

  30. Looks like one of those shitty knockoff church exorcisms... This is your brain on religion.

  31. More like a brain on a crazy dose of ayahuasca

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