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  1. Christ, things like this really goes to show that Dave just isn’t a businessman. Got lucky with barstool but this and so many other ideas he’s had have been god awful

  2. Could have used less plastic on the sign if they used the actual name of the company… it’s “SLB” not schlumberger

  3. The amount of stupidity in this post, the clip and most of the responses in this thread is amazing

  4. scary to see how people these days default to just saying things like "white privilege" and "racist" as soon as they are have an issue because it's such a weapon now

  5. Do we really need to bring up this shit again.... If you want to sing it, sing it. Do whatever you want. The vast majority of people don't care.

  6. Robinson. Wilson isn’t great at beating players with speed

  7. The whole weekend to make a little world cup replica really doesn't seem that hard

  8. As a dual British/Irish citizen, I find it difficult to reconcile the undertone of hate that persists between our island nations. It makes life quite miserable sometimes.

  9. The hate really doesn’t exist in real life as much as it does in this sub. It’s just blown out of all proportion in here

  10. Bloke really needs to just get rid of it all. Looks terrible right now

  11. I hate Dillon but in a street fight Ksi is getting choked out in 10 seconds

  12. How is there anyone left at twitter? Have some respect for yourself. The job market is still strong.

  13. some people have families they need to support

  14. Seeing as the tech industry is laying so many people off, I wouldn't be confident that everyone who is made redundant would have a job within 3 months

  15. I can't believe you went to the effort of posting that on here. it's a fucking bunt...

  16. This is great and all but the vast, vast, vast majority of people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and this video would more likely put them off getting involved in crypto

  17. Absolutely an intentional drop. This video is readily disgusting in many ways

  18. Lol. You can’t be serious. She’s sitting on the sidewalk eating pizza likely hood is she’s had a few drinks. No way this is intentional

  19. Is this going to be updated again or is it done for the year?

  20. It was a military pub, FYI. Harrods was regrettable and occurred because of a lone actor and improper warning.

  21. What do those stats have to do with anything? We weren't talking about justifying the amount of civilians who died... Seems a bit weird that you are just quoting random numbers.

  22. "What do stats have to do with anything" as they try and legitimise a politicised and blood stained poppy and demonise our own views on it 🤦‍♂️that's no disrespect to those who fought in both world wars, but let's call a spade a spade here for what it means to people on this land.

  23. Did you read any of the rest of the posts for context? I assume not. My point was just that if an Irishman who fought in the war wants to wear a poppy they shouldn’t be demonised for doing it. You completely missed the point

  24. Oh fuck, does this mean Big cat is going to ask for this clip to be played at least twice a day for the next 3 months now like last time?

  25. Well, at least you're consistent. Does it upset you when even the most moderate of unionists commemorate the British military in say a similar way to how republicans would commemorate the many volunteers who have sacrificed their lives for Irish nationhood?

  26. God, you've changed your tune in 3 months haven't you.

  27. Damn. That was a lot of something I didn't bother reading.

  28. Explains why you have no idea about the reasons for the war. There are audiobooks available if you can’t be bothered to read or, more likely, if you are illiterate.

  29. All for a bunch of inbred royals having a hissy fit with their cousins....good times.

  30. bizarre reductionism. Have you ever taken a history class?

  31. Dan we get it you gave Rico advice. You say it every episode.

  32. Big Cat is the king of repeating himself over and over again. He will use a joke until it is absolutely DEAD. Remember last year how many times we had to watch that fucking YAK basketball game.

  33. I don’t agree with what these people are doing at all. But surely they can find better spokespeople than this. Everyone who has been interviewed so far comes across as unhinged

  34. The UN secretary general said the other day "humanity has a choice: cooperate or perish" If you read any recent climate support you'd become unhinged too.

  35. I think the vast, vast, vast majority of people have read/ watched the dire state of the climate and they haven't become unhinged.

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