1. This is maybe an unfair answer because 95% of the production was pretty good, but my college's production of Sweeney Todd. The set was decent, costumes good, most actors pretty good...but the student cast as Mrs. Lovett had traditionally played the ingenue types and apparently had a real problem with not being able to sound "pretty" while singing. Rumor is she kept getting in fights with the director during rehearsals but it was too late to replace her, I guess? Anyway, hearing someone trying to do Worst Pies in London/A Little Priest in a Disney princessified voice was jarring.

  2. It's not Broadway, nor is it a traditional performance, but if you like "creepy" and unconventional I will never not recommend

  3. Selling two tickets for Friday 8/5 at Merriweather Post Pavilion (8pm) - Sec 200 - Row V - Seats 3 & 4

  4. At least they finally forced that hideous "David's Tent" off the mall lawn.

  5. Is that a permanent move? I tend to avoid the area during the summer and only noticed it a few weeks ago, but I wasn't sure if it was JUST for 4th-related festivities or if they actually relocated.

  6. Anyone know if Ronan Farrow and his fiancé split up? They apparently bought some massive house together not long ago but haven't interacted/mentioned each other in months and it looks like they're on separate vacays rn.

  7. lol I love when people refer to Jon as Ronsn's fiancé but idk I've been wondering too! Mia doesn't follow him on insta but she follows Favreau still and Tommy and Ronan and Jon follow each other and Jon isn't exactly active on Instagram either. He hasn't been on Lovett or Leave It or Pod Save in like seven months too looks like.

  8. Lol I only did it because I didn't assume people on a celeb gossip subreddit would be as familiar with JL as RF. Ngl I got lowkey obsessed with them during the pandemic and just thought it was WILD that in one week the news of them buying a $7 million house broke and Jon was on the Jinx Monsoon podcast literally gushing about being so in love with Ronan and then they immediately just stop mentioning each other entirely.

  9. I’m curious about this too! I saw Ashley Loren when she was an understudy for Satine in MR and felt like her performance once she took the role over was far different (and, imo, much stronger). I feel like any time I’ve seen an understudy perform in the same role I’ve seen the lead in, the interpretation/performance is very similar.

  10. I’ve seen a lot of understudies and love to see their changes. But I’ve noticed IN MY OPINION (just making that clear so I dont get downvoted for an opinion..) that the understudy performance is often better or stronger than the principal. I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s because the understudy isn’t bored with the material? Still new and fresh from rehearsal? A change of routine maybe? But I truly love seeing understudies and watching them shine on stage

  11. I would guess all that you listed plus a stronger desire to “prove” themselves.

  12. The worst audiences I've experienced were at Chicago, Moulin Rouge!, and Dear Evan Hansen.

  13. I saw DEH two weekends ago on a Sunday, and it felt like the audience was primarily tourists who weren’t super into Broadway but wanted to see a show they heard about. Lots of texting, some photos, whispering, and the two girls beside me kept checking the time and loudly sighing. I thought they’d leave at intermission bc they were clearly bored, but they continued the sighing in the second act.

  14. You'll fit in perfectly fine in jeans and a t-shirt, but if you want an excuse to dress up a little more you won't stick out, either!

  15. For real. At Funny Girl the other day someone’s phone rang twice and they didn’t stop it. Beanie and Ramin even made a little phone motion with their hands at the curtain call and Beanie mouthed “phone???” It was mortifying.

  16. I genuinely don't know if I've ever been a show and not heard a phone ring at some point. Meanwhile I'm so paranoid that I keep my phone under my thigh so just in case it goes off despite me knowing it's on silent and do not disturb, I can mute it immediately.

  17. A little while ago someone posted a Tik Tok of Eva giving them what I imagine is the same look while they filmed We Raise Our Cups - the poster captioned with some cutsey "omg Eva noticed me so cool!" even though it was pretty clear she was annoyed. I wouldn't be surprised if Eva saw that one which prompted her "hey jerks it's not to be cute and funny" clarification.

  18. I thought people filmed We Raise Our Cups all the time since it’s after curtain call?

  19. I've been told by numerous ushers that if an actor is on stage you cannot film/photograph. There are shows like Moulin Rouge that have actors out for a pre-show thing, and you'll get yelled at for using your phone then too.

  20. Do you happen to have a link? I am going to see this show on my birthday (33rd not 35th but close enough) and was thinking of wearing a red jumpsuit

  21. It makes me so sad! There's no way I can get to NYC to see it, so I'll have to hold out hope that it tours. 😭

  22. Was planning a NYC weekend in August partly to see this again, but just impulse bought a ticket for the final performance.

  23. I saw it from the mezz over the weekend and couldn't see 98% of the run-out section, but you may be able to from front row mezz. I believe they ran down the aisle between right and center orchestra.

  24. We were looking at Orchestra right aisle, to have them run right by, but settled on front row mezz. Prolly still see them, and it can't be THAT much action, just running around, right? Most people wouldn't be able to see them. I'll sacrifice seeing them up close during for better overall view, and hope they stage door.

  25. It's not a ton of action and not super long, no! Front row mezz you probably won't be as confused as me, I was mostly thrown because the actor on stage "reacts" the what's going on and I had no clue what she was reacting to for a good thirty seconds or so.

  26. Along with his "doing things he wants and fuck society" monologue, he's also mentioned a couple times over the years that he thinks skirts are a cool concept and wishes they were more acceptable for men AND talked about finding slacks/pants uncomfortable - I think he said once that throughout the lockdown portion of the pandemic he never once wore jeans and lived in sweatpants/shorts.

  27. I might be a weirdo but I love going to things like movies and shows alone. Maybe I just hate planning things with other people :P

  28. I do too! I think for me it's partly that I have very strong opinions of the shows I want to see and don't want to have to compromise, but also partly because my mood can be very quickly impacted by someone disliking something I'm into. Any time a friend says they dislike a show I've been enjoying I always have a little bit of "oh, IS this a good show?"

  29. Weird that this is phrased as such secretive info when Aaron Tveit was already announced to be returning and Schmigadoon was already revealed to be using 60s/70's musical. I guess the hair would be the only "news" here?

  30. The only valid participation for this show is whispering

  31. Really thought you were gonna say "the greatest thing..." line and was about to ask if you were the annoying woman stage whispering it every time last time I saw it

  32. Ok, do not come for me, but I just don't like Mean Girls as a musical. Taylor Louderman brings me joy and I adore the cast with my whole heart and SEXY is engrained into my brain. But it just isn't a good adaptation.

  33. Agree with your Mean Girls assessment, but also god, Anastasia! One of my absolute fav movies growing up but when I saw the musical (on tour, so don't come for me if you love the OBC) it just felt like it lost so much of the heart to it? Anya didn't have any of the sass/snark she did in the movie and was kind of the stereotypical Disney-esque princess character, and while I understand them swapping the Rasputin storyline for something more real, I was so bored by the Gleb character.

  34. I assumed doing that might work, but the card reader simply won’t read my card in order for me to do that. This is really frustrating.

  35. How long has it been since your "in-progress trip"? I had this happen to me one time and just hoped that overnight it would reset and let me use it again. The next morning it worked fine, so I guessed there was some sort of system that would rest the card if it was "in-progress" with no metro running.

  36. If i like luhrmanns exaggerated style would i like the musical?

  37. imo, the stage musical definitely hits a similar exaggerated style in a way that's fitting for theatre. A lot of people describe it as a "spectacle" and I would agree (in a good way, to be clear).

  38. I dont mind story changes or character changes as long as that magic and chaos is there

  39. I definitely think the magic/chaos is retained. I took my sister to see it a couple months ago and she said it was the most fun she's ever had at a live performance. I also saw you say in another reply you've already listened to the soundtrack - tbh if you like that, I can't imagine you not liking the show!

  40. Okay, thank you. I've been afraid to ask. So she's not Jon Favreau's wife?

  41. Emily Favreau, however HAS been on at least one episode of Lovett or Leave It, where she gave a particularly epic roast.

  42. Same deal with Thai food. Everything has fish sauce in it, even the "vegan" dishes. If the server says it doesn't, they probably just don't know.

  43. I went to a Thai place recently that offered a vegan fish sauce substitute! Not sure how I felt about the flavor of it tbh, but it was a nice option!

  44. While on a road trip one time, my friends and I stopped at this little restaurant whose website said they had some vegan options. We got there I ordered a burger, which was literally called "Vegan Burger" on the menu.

  45. I think a lot of people don't understand that vegan means a little more than just "I don't want meat, egg, or cheese in my food". I've heard numerous well-meaning people ask if I also care about ingredients in sauces.

  46. If your grandma can't comfortably do stairs, I would advise against it. It seems there IS an option to use the elevator for people who need it, but that would also require her to find the elevator on each floor, and it can feel a little maze-y at times. Last time I was there, an older gentleman with a cane was in the audience and didn't seem to be having a good time. You have to be fairly quick sometimes to see actors, and slower walkers will likely get pushed past for most of the show.

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