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  1. Honestly, it really seems as easy to me as just not including for-profit daycares in the program. They can make as much profit as they want, they just don't get subsidized by the government. Other than crying about how unfair it is, what would actually be the issue? You say for-profit was working before? Then what do you need from this federal program?

  2. One reason could be since there will be lots more government doing daycare checks now. A lot more inspections.

  3. This could be the reason, but from a user perspective, it's odd they feel the need to push new content. I'm obviously always seeking new content on my own terms. Thanks for responding.

  4. A lot of these companies don't always have the best intentions for users in mind lol It get's to a point where they are just trying to direct you to what they want you to see.

  5. I’m not saying he’s “bad” but he has only kept 30% of his election promises. Contrast with Harper—again, I’m not making a case for Harper, I disagree with most of his promises, platform and general existence—who upheld 70% of his promises.

  6. What if Harpers promises were bad things and would have been better if he didn't actually do them?

  7. What makes you want to stick around despite the clear fact this will be very difficult? Why don't you want to lose him specifically?

  8. Yep. If you live in an expensive area, you obviously need to be more careful about how you spend with your $52,000. You might even have to live with a roommate or two. It might not be an ideal arrangement for some people, but it's very doable. Let's take New York as an example. Lots of immigrant families in the city make less than this and lead perfectly normal lives.

  9. The problem with this logic is that this person still has to work 40 hours a week to just survive.

  10. What was the reasoning for the body scan over breath or sound? Was it to get in touch with your body more or?

  11. To “feel/notice my emotions”. I think it was to search out positive ones, but nothing feels good when I’m doing it, and it’s not like my chronic pain goes away if I focus on it for long enough.

  12. If focusing on your body makes it worse, try using sound instead. If any form of meditation brings up physical pain from your illnesses, there are other ways to get in touch with your feelings or emotions.

  13. KKKonvoy claiming it's their doing in 3, 2, 1 ...

  14. Sure did. I felt very overwhelmed at some point having no more point of reference feeling I was in way over my head and had gotten the foot into something much bigger and potentially more hazardous than I understood.

  15. Is this a new feeling or has this been on the back burner the whole time ? If you were insecure going in, I can see how it would blow it up more.

  16. No I think it's been there all along. I think i built up defense against that anxiety by being a very intelectual guy trying and being good at understading things,and making stories for everything. It makes me good as a therapist I think. But I know it was built to cover up for some things the trip might have uncovered. I can thank the wisdom of the mushrooms for that. It led me where I needed to go !

  17. Don't separate yourself from the mushroom, it didn't pull that from somewhere else, it pulled that from inside of you. Your wisdom. Once the high passes the thoughts come back and the self doubt starts again.

  18. Now imagine having coffee mugs made for the whole office with that picture and caption on it.

  19. Now imagine he's still just a human, maybe even a good one. And everyone is laughing at his sexuality.

  20. I missed where people mocked his sexuality. Could you quote it and point it out for me?

  21. The entire reason people are laughing at it, is because it's sexual lol.

  22. Why would you jump straight to that? Why do you feel attacked?

  23. He was just on Anthony Pompliano’s podcast the other day. He was a big investor in Bitcoin and thinks it’ll either go to zero or $1million a coin within the next 10 years. My guess is $1million based on what we’re seeing happen. Brrrrrrbrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrbrrrrrrr (the sound of money printing)

  24. Why would he still be in that party? Why not switch to NDP if his values are changing?

  25. I just started to take bixi once they jacked up the price. Not worth it at all. 10 bucks for a round trip is crazy.

  26. Now they are scared people will stop wanting houses and the market will start to crash even harder.

  27. No. That is why it is not "mantra meditation" as is usually practiced.

  28. What are you basing this scale of perfection on? Your preconceived values? Your family's? Friends? Strangers? And then perfect for what reason?

  29. Do these thoughts lead to anything or just thoughts that are bothering you?

  30. If it causes emotional pain because you don't like them, then it's about letting them go.

  31. It's a capitalistic theme as well. Sacrifice your life & health so you can buy it back later on ( maybe).

  32. If you really want to find out, you'll need to start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings more when you out also when you're home.

  33. yeah for as long as i can remember i’ve been this way. my mood just switches

  34. Next time it starts happening maybe just write down your thoughts, doesn't have to be some big novel, just a sentence or a few words to describe what's going on.

  35. I think one the main issues is the idea of a center that you can thrown from. So for me personally, accept and allow. Then just paying attention to thoughts and feelings while it passes.

  36. I mean, Canada does the same thing, a lot of people come here for the education and then leave lol

  37. You mean international students that come here, pay super high tuition with basically no government subsidy, keeping tuition lower for domestic students?

  38. People that grow up here, use the cheap school and then leave for higher paying jobs elsewhere.

  39. Could you expand when you say grasp on reality? Also how are you judging your progress?

  40. Like I'll dissociate for days and not do anything. I become extremely passive.

  41. I still use low fidelity designs for some clients. The bigger the project the more often I'll use low fidelity to get the general overall flow of things going a lot faster. If it's small I can usually skip the first two steps.

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