1. When i die, i hope my family doesnt part out my equipment and components for pennies.

  2. In my humble opinion, this is a beginners setup. Giving someone a good deal to get into a new hobby is pretty rewarding in itself. The guns on the other hand 🧐

  3. Yeah but did you guys see what it did to Florida? Not trying to sound like a conspiracy nut, but this storm is different, I think we can all agree climate change is changing the way these storms behave, florida looks like a nuke went off

  4. Hurricanes have gotten less severe over the last hundred years. It’s scientific fact.

  5. Don’t stop to let the delivery driver cross in front of you on a rural road unless there is oncoming traffic. Driving past at a reasonable speed is faster for everyone

  6. So you only found it in one place and don’t see the value in buying it for $30…

  7. Bend a coat hanger and get tf over that lol it’s stupid easy to make an AR into a ghetto mg. The atf targeting rare breed for something that doesn’t even work as good as a coat hanger is fucking laughable. You think I’ve built a dozen ARs and I don’t know what part does what?

  8. Primary arms has the titanium lantac eBCG for $220 right now. I picked up a chrome one for $210 off ar15discounts last week. They make shooting a suppressed gun much more pleasant

  9. I fired a 95 grain federal American eagle 380 out of my cva single shot 350 with a can and it was the quietest gunshot I’ve ever heard.

  10. if you wanna know the full story drive to your closest big city and find the cheapest motel, pay the $47 and sit awake all night with your gun in your hand

  11. I used a fistful of them to cover the sticker from my first ar.

  12. Ooooh I see an olight mount! I bet your house is on fire since you clearly left it at home

  13. Nah it’s in my back pocket, I usually run it my hand after I shoot something with my thermal. It’s serves me good

  14. Thermal flex on a gun that has no thermal. Makes the olight more funny and less ironic

  15. The breek stabs my sternum, the aero breach is slick, the griffin snatch is pretty good at venting gas, the bcm gunfighter is good but sprung really tight. I have a strike industries latchless on a 4.5” 22 that’s pretty slick for a blowback range toy, it uses a couple spring tabs as detents instead of the typical latch.

  16. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the geometry between the modified trigger, the hammer itself and the rear of the bolt where the firing pin exists, allows out of battery strikes when another trigger would just outrun the bolt and light strike. In a blowback with no real oob safety the only safety present is the shape of the hammer face in relation to the rear of the bolt where the firing pin is struck. The hammer should hit the bottom of the bolt and then the firing pin unless you’re fully in battery. Your gunsmith should know that.

  17. You can wanna die and not be at risk of blowing your brains out 😉

  18. I use a griffin Optimus with a taper mount muzzle brake. The bushwhacker 36 uses the same mounts and can also use the dual lok

  19. Is that a garage door? If so, where's the floor in that room above it?

  20. The windows actually go to near floor level in the upper room, the room below was big enough to turn to a garage. Square the concrete for a garage door. If you look at the other windows on the lower floor it makes sense

  21. What’s that dumb motherfuckers name? Let’s make him famous, they would do the same for you.

  22. There's no purpose for using red loctite on a buffer tube. Blue maybe, but red is unnecessary. Buffer tube doesn't need thermal resistance. And that's the only reason you'd need red over blue.

  23. Red is not designed for thermal resistance. You only need to heat it to 300 before it lets loose. That is a design feature so you can loosen a fastener after having used it. The argument against thread locker in general is people don’t know how to remove it without destroying parts. On larger fasteners you can break red loose with torque but it’s still easier if you warm it up. Blue is for little fasteners.

  24. The argument against thread locker on the AR platform is that it's wholly unnecessary except for maybe on the muzzle device.

  25. Ar15discounts has the chrome plated one for $208 Edit: they are

  26. If I’m funding this with my taxes I don’t wanna be pulled over for no seatbelt. If they can do what they want why can’t I?

  27. Guy overdosing on the sidewalk and paramedics saving him


  29. I’d wait 6 months if I was Aero….dumber bets have been made

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