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  1. My main has two Daytonas (used to have 3 but I traded one) but no HCotton, Hans, or Dai. I would consider trading for HCotton but I don't know if it would be worth it without Dai. Meanwhile, my second alt with Daytona and only Ariel and revo Raijin as possible subs got HCotton in this past SGF.

  2. what are you struggling with? with daytona there isn't much that can kill you short of executes

  3. Are you running with only 80% sbr? I'm debating whether to swap Silverdra assist for Selica Bonsai. I got totally trolled from Minerva a couple runs, but wasn't sure if the team suffered from a lack of full sbr.

  4. I am, the reason i used a daytona with fagan assist was because i ran out of friends thst had sbr equip. but preferably you have 100%. i didn't need cloud resist or the extra hp from that equip

  5. Okay, thank you. Would you be able to write up a guide? I've made it to the new Fairy Sprite floor, but haven't quite nailed down optimal active management for some of the spawns.

  6. i think if you can make it to the new floor you're basically there! make sure to save a full board change for the < 50% hit and then a shield for hex's <50% hit and you're good!

  7. How consistent is the team? I'm still using a set up Mantastic used some months back and it's pretty consistent but has some issues here and there.

  8. using hans also is way more time friendly so you don't have to wait for dai delay -just in case- you run into light absorb, but you'd have to swap some equips around. i actually have an updated team with hans that i think is slightly faster and more consistent

  9. it pumps out so much damage you can pretty much one shot every floor if you really need to. I think there may be PSI issues if you hit dmeta but otherwise i don't think there has been something i couldn't stall out.

  10. iphone 13 and have tried everything

  11. turns out gapping top doesn't matter if top picks a champ that doesn't care about a gap

  12. i don't think daytona can beat it reasonably so basically every team

  13. Sorry for dragging this up - I’ve got this exact team and I’ve been beating my head against MD1 for a week now trying different options (I almost had it all with a triple NYAten build buuut I just can’t manage those roulettes well enough).

  14. hey i think it's because at the time it was machine and physical enhanced where as right now it's like devil healer?

  15. Do you think you could help me make a Daytona MD1 team?

  16. probably doable with h cotton/marthis/athena/flex, just make sure that you're on type to be able to hit the 190k hp threshold needed but damage shouldn't really be a problem

  17. based on everything else you've said, no, probably not

  18. if you're in coop, you can probably just follow my comments about what you do and don't need to cover everything

  19. It would be awesome if u had YouTube videos of Daytona md1 clears ... Haven't seen one yet, so I don't even know if it's possible

  20. because most of the time you need the skillboost as well as the sbr

  21. check my post history for some sweet propaganda

  22. Can you put the unmatchable on scheat? And keep DDC on both h cottons?

  23. no because daytona clears away red and blue orbs as his active

  24. you need like 86k for blue myr if you have the looping shield 😭😭

  25. What subs will get me to that hp threshold? While still being able to cover all the mechanics, hazards, bind, unmatchable, roulette, etc?

  26. if you want to be able to beat blue myr you actually need like 86k hp if you're running a crusader shield

  27. Let me play devils advocate here. Initially Xmas Ilmina would seem like a nice sub, but with the new evos of Echidna and Yurisha and especially Shura, the trade fodder I'd recommend should go there instead imo. I haven't really seen a use for xmas Ilmina on team templates

  28. xmas ilmina is a sub being used in a lot of md3 title clears in JP right now

  29. I have returned recently after a short break, left before the last Yugioh and came back around DQ. Rolled stones in DQ, the last seasonal SGF and today's PCGF.

  30. have guides for both in my post history

  31. Thanks, then should I use dai and avan for SR3?

  32. check my post history i have some guides, based on what i see there though i would do cotton cotton dai ryumei

  33. check my post history, have a guide

  34. I don’t have Dyer or Dai on this account but do have a SR Thor. He covers 5 SB and has double vdp on top of a +1 skill charge. May have to go that route.

  35. i wouldn't bother trying to have a dedicated vdp sub unless they also have a million tpas, at least for endgame. i'm sure everything up to aa5 can do with a single vdp sub but those days are over. xiaohu dun has a 5 turn void and that squirrel assist has an inheritable one that you could put over a low cd sub, marthis would be better at that point

  36. since you have 2 h cotton i think you could slap almost anything else in those last 2 slots to clear md2. i see you have ryumei and marthis works as well.

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