1. Becos dun wan to lose earth prince special status lo

  2. There are so many fishes in the water. Move on bradeh!

  3. Nyets, please recommend where to get the best brownies in KL.

  4. Do you mean the one that makes you float and happier?

  5. There is an untold rule. If you DONT HAVE WORK, act like you are BUSY.

  6. Maybe you couldn't recall what you have done to any of them. Because if their reactions were like this must have something happened and they took it to the extreme way to retaliate back. Anyway, move out and move on.

  7. "Are you expecting me to stand and walk around while typing, replying to email, draw project schedule and conference call, while carrying my laptop?".

  8. So, I lost my passport due to me moving out of my house. I was very sure that I cant find them anymore. And like everyone else, I went to the police station to make a report, and planning to make my new passport at the immigration soon.

  9. Since you are a body builder, how do you cut body fats effectively? Any pro tips?

  10. Well I think that might be the theory cause from what I know in my personal experiences, Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Singaporeans and Malaysia Chinese are usually consuming media made in Taiwan/Hong Kong, rarely from Mainland China. But then again it could be more than that.

  11. My department is dealing with a male karen who reported us to an authority over something we have no control over. The said authority came to our office to open an investigation and when explained the long and VERY SERIOUS nature of the investigation he suddenly chickened out and said nak tarik balik complaint. Bila tanya boleh tak jadi saksi in the case of a lawsuit dia boleh pulak cakap eh, kenapa saya kena jadi saksi pulak? lah....sekarang siapa yang hantar aduan tu, aku cakap hang bodoh karang aku pulak kena saman. Now I'm 80% sure he's the same snake who anonymously reported us to integrity over minor stuff which we were found not guilty of.

  12. Ooohhh? For real? Ok then. Next time i go shopping i try it. I do love whatever cinnamon flavor.

  13. The founders are actually aunties in the neighbourhood, no joke. I got to know one of the founders from my friend.

  14. When is the right time to renew debit card? My Maybank debit card will expire in December.

  15. The current sub for tourism wiki is kinda messy, I have dropped my idea to y'all in the inbox, have a look and we can start doing something to revamp it into a comprehensive guide!

  16. I have a friend who was clinically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, she had suicidal thoughts and self-harming years ago, and was admitted to the psychiatric ward for quite some time (she had her SPM in the ward). She is not completely well now, but she keeps herself busy and creates distractions, so she doesn't have the time and effort to think much. When her rubber band pulls to the max and needs to relax/help, she will come to me and other friends for hanging out and doing stuff. Also, family is really important in this, acknowledging the problem that she has and actively providing support, she gets all the support she needs (moral, financial and etc).

  17. It’s been a month since the termination of my employment. I’m supposed to get compensation from the company and till now they haven’t honour it.

  18. Are you looking for any job opportunities? What's your plan now?

  19. if it can't be cancelled pass your invitation cards to shelters and homes and whatnot.. let the homeless, orphans and elderly go attend as a surprise. win win

  20. Thanks for the suggestion, I better check if the policy allows this. Otherwise, I might get screwed upside down because of this

  21. AFAIK, if you do not have a history of self-harm you will not be sent to a mental hospital/psychiatric ward.

  22. I can bring you around if you are at Nilai tho. But you must trust me in prior

  23. Come on mate, where's the world famous Malaysian hospitality? /s

  24. use up all the hair growing everywhere else but head

  25. My grandpa and my father both do not a serious male pattern baldness, so I might be lucky to keep my hair until 70+

  26. Commonwealth nations are just a replacement phrase for "my dear colonized countries"

  27. Commonwealth = Your wealth is my wealth, my wealth is my wealth.

  28. Daiquiri and Cosmopolitan is easy to drink and not too strong imo. Goes well with their pastas too

  29. Wheeler’s has their classic cocktails well done if you were into them. Otherwise head down the road abit and you can find The Loaf/Holy Guacamole for funkier stuffs

  30. Not really a cocktail person, but is there any drink you recommend for the cocktail in Wheeler's?

  31. I'm at a2zenith whereby we communicate in English. I heard that a2scania talks more in chinese.

  32. No, not really. A2S has a mixed population, we are using Chinese, Vietnamese, English, Malay and Thai.

  33. I can’t be the only one who thinks that those Omi ads on Youtube are more annoying than OctaFX, right?

  34. Just get a YouTube premium subscription, you won't be seeing all these annoying ads anymore

  35. Groom and bride hired me to be the driver to their wedding dinner. We're friends so I'll be attending the wedding anyway. I've known the bride for over 20 years while just gotten to know her husband for like half a year. Groom keep talking big and how powerful and wealthy his family is in his kampung. Big shots.

  36. when it comes to online dating it’s a numbers and visual game. have you tried working out and maybe getting ur self more physically attractive. don’t need to have 6 packs gym bro physique.

  37. A pretty face is better than physically attractive.

  38. yeah. but cosmetic surgery may not be for everyone and it’s in the hands of another person.

  39. I'm not promoting cosmetic surgery. But the online dating world is so realistic now, either you are good-looking or well-loaded. I don't trust these online dating sites/apps and never used them.

  40. Anyone familiar with the parking at Subang Airport? The Selangor Air Show is back this weekend and I get to go on the press days (granted I don't think that's going to be enough warning for regulars that it's most likely going to be all bizjets again), but the shuttle pickup and dropoff is at the regular terminals this time instead of at Space U8 or other similarly random places like last year

  41. TBH, Selangor Air Show is boring and it's just the small/local players mingle around and talk over there. The real players in aviation won't come. The exhibition and aircraft parked there are small jets.

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