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  1. Ween plays for two hours straight usually. One set. Come out for 2-5 song encore like ten minutes after. Pretty typical of them the last five years.

  2. I heard on legion of skanks you are a tool? Is this true and how much would you beat Luis j Gomez’s ass?

  3. Got mine from my buddy in his living room after doing some plumbing work in exchange of the tattoo. Mine is on the outside of my left calf.

  4. i’ll sell u my art 🤣 just make artist friends but also there’s a show at pendleton art center this friday it starts at 4. tons of local folks.

  5. That’s where all my favorite of my art comes from is my friends I’ve made at music festivals.

  6. Art studio in NKY called artifact. It’s a changing studio but the owner is super cool artist and is great with hosting other artists in the studio.

  7. As someone who is in construction I’d imagine the spike in costs to be from increase in material costs and shipping.

  8. Walking dead. I wouldn’t say I was super far into it but for sure far enough that it should have had me finish instead of quit on it.

  9. Not a jam band but ween fans always have meetups and get togethers. Like I said not a jam band.

  10. Was so glad they played light me up, one of my favorite songs ever.

  11. Listen to Louie talk about Shane. He talks how it’s genius how he can play to Brooklyn woke bitches and still kill. Shane is the man.

  12. I’m paraphrasing but he’s said something like it on a couple podcasts.

  13. SODTAOE never forget and never doubt. Remember the thief on the cross next to Jesus.

  14. Dang man I was feeling a stallion in Asheville. Shoulda just kept going to atlanta

  15. Kirk Miller said the Stallions were supposed to be played in NC, for some reason it didn't happen. Sorry dude.

  16. I can’t complain. I was at Stubbs for the first and Columbus for the second. Would have just been magical

  17. Pure guava fucks so hard! Listen to Springtheme on repeat. It’ll click.

  18. Start with the older stuff so you can see the progression. Dopapod is so great. Enjoy the ride.

  19. They did like 6 or 7 in a year awhile back. King gizz is dope

  20. Kids or no kids, dosing someone without their OK is horseshit and earns you at least a black eye.

  21. Do you by chance also have a Kanye sticker on your rear left window

  22. I don’t know that one! I’ll check er out

  23. I’m sorry you live in Cincy I hope a job in a mid-west banking career makes up for it king 😔😔😔

  24. Tradesman… kickin ass let me know if you know any real men who want to get out of mid level banking and have a real job.

  25. Feels like ages since EP has had a NYE show. Cincy fam

  26. Cincy fam! Yea for sure. I remember dopapod was one of my favs and without pulling out the poster it was prolly 2018? Last big one had to be the pigeons Disney nye which was fun but still pigeons.

  27. Dosio just announce two shows 6 total hours to play their TETIOS album complete for the 10 year. November in Cleveland. That may be close enough to make? For sure will be one of the shows for the ages from those guys.

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