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  1. This just happened to my neighbor. I yelled at the dude than immediately regretted it cuz people are crazy and you never know what can happen. Guy drove past me flipping me off 😂

  2. List is valid but I got shakira after plum. Just a great thing to have all these great players on one roster especially the goat a’ja and Stewie it’s just unfair lol

  3. I’m so happy that Shakira is on this team. Austin was my fav rookie coming and this is great experience for the rook.

  4. Some good suggestions already - here are some more:

  5. Jong Ga House is so good and so much fun with a group, great recommendation.

  6. Honestly surprised it wasn’t a bigger drop off to this year considering they went against the first two NFL Sundays and Thursday Night Football

  7. This, if it wasn’t for nfl just starting I think the viewership would have stayed past 600k+ like Tuesday’s game

  8. The more I see the news the more I want to move to Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland.

  9. They play a modern basketball style, they play hard and are scrappy, they play as a team, they all keep their individual personalities, have a great fan base and an owner willing to invest. It’s such a great recipe for the W and for fans to watch.

  10. Articulating Design Decisions was an amazing read. Really enjoyed that one.

  11. Don’t forget…they’ve knocked Candace Parker out of the playoffs though (except for when she wins a championship)

  12. Agree, I think her future, at least w CT, can be questionable. There is room for discussion to be had. Finals performance vs Vegas, esp 1st two games, was very lackluster. That is objective. If you're not scoring a shot until Q3 in a finals game, there's questions that need to be asked. Would hate to see them lose courtney again, AT, or Bri Jones if it meant keeping her. I can appreciate her as a player over the entire season, but I been disappointed this finals vs vegas w her. Yes she's 35, but it was just hard to watch at times

  13. Dam she had a bad finals but y’all know you wouldn’t even be in the finals without Bonner. Who had some big offensive games and key moments against the Sky and all season long.

  14. I acknowledged her full season efforts. To say CT wouldn't be in the finals without her is too much conjecture. [So no, I don't know that we wouldn't be in the finals without her; we been to the finals without her; we been having bad injuries for quite some time]. Who knows who we would have if it wasn't her. Would we have won the finals if JT was playing? Not here for what ifs, here for the: here's what happened, where we are at.

  15. Just curious do you think you beat Dallas and the sky without Bonner? I thought she played pretty well in those games. No doubt Bonner made some pretty boneheaded plays but I also think the defense on Gray in game 3 was pretty critical. And for the most part did a decent to good job this game on the defensive end.

  16. With this championship win,where does A'ja Wilson rank all time amongst WNBA players?

  17. My personal #1, no one can tell me otherwise 🤣 😀

  18. Sun were out coached down the stretch, but great effort and great season for them.

  19. Ya tough loss. I was so frustrated with KP’s flagrant was thinking that might be the turning point and aces were headed back to LV.

  20. You might have fun watching the Storm vs. Aces series from the last round. Just amazing.

  21. This! If you can watch last round series of aces vs Storm you will not be disappointed!

  22. Was at work so I only saw the gamecast and some highlights. But I felt after Game 1 there was a good chance for this game to turn out this way. As good as Connecticut’s defense is, Las Vegas offense is way to good for them to be held back. Sun have to find a some way to get some offense. It might be too lat but we shall see. On another note A’ja vs Chelsea for the Finals MVP is going to be closer than I thought. I figured Gray had it in the bag but she has cooled off slightly this series and A’ja has been 2-way dominant.

  23. It’s such a toss up gray has been so amazing on the offense of end and also coming up in key defensive plays but then A’ja has been so consistently good on both ends. I still can’t believe A’ja only sat 4 minutes in the storm series. At this point I’d be fine with co fmvp lol

  24. Last time I passed by there was a small line but nothing major.

  25. Oh 💯 I honestly think bake sale is bad. Just answering the question if there was a line or not.

  26. I’m guess not surprised Sue is on the cover, probably the right decision, but I would think they would want young, exciting players like A’ja and Stewie.

  27. I def see this next year that was my thoughts exactly Stewie vs Aja

  28. SDS headed to Seattle as Sue replacement?... Can she get out of Phoenix?

  29. SDS and Stewie to NYL will be the main headlines this off-season and I’m all for it!

  30. She is the single reason the Aces are advancing. Not Wilson, not Plum, not the storms feckless offense rearing it’s head at inopportune moments.

  31. Eh she’s definitely the reason they are advancing but single? Nah A’ja has been spectacular on both ends as well.

  32. I wish I could gamble but there is no options for me and 27 would allow me.

  33. Same, really wish I could gamble on sports.

  34. This really is one of the most sensual pat downs I’ve ever seen lol

  35. That was the best WNBA playoff game I have ever seen. Absolute ridiculous performances from A’ja and Chelsea. Brianna coming alive to hit big shots in the 4th for Seattle and of course the legend Sue Bird hitting, what was believed, to be the dagger. Craziness throughout.

  36. Best game I’ve seen in such a long time. You’re right it was the perfect game to be on a ABC. Hoping that it turned some into fans.

  37. It can go any way like someone else said so many factors. I lived with my wife and 3 others in a house for 5 years. The last year things went south and we all moved out. But those 4.5 years where amazing. We just outgrew roommates and all needed more space. We’re all still great friends.

  38. Why did it go south if you don’t mind me asking?

  39. I’ll add there was some walking on eggshells for the last 3/4 months but after having. Convos and letting things out it was resolved.

  40. We all came up together through college/early careers. Some drugs where involved so I think that caused some edginess. But it essentially ran its course and we are where ready to transition to a bigger space. We also all started making a lot more $ so it wasn’t a necessity that we livid together. That being said we split up well and all still hangout to this day. So there wasn’t a huge fight or anything everyone was an adult about it.

  41. Always wondered what that stuff was made of

  42. In one of the restaurants I used to cook at we would tell the new hire busser/food runner to run upstairs to the attic and grab the ice mix because we were running low and we needed it asap. They’d spend 15-20 mins searching than come down empty handy 😂.

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