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  1. I got that one this spring. Then the guy came in and showed us his burn the next day. You could barely tell he got any sun. Dude also left early every day because back problems

  2. I mean it fired right up when we showed up to the junkyard to pull it. 256k miles and parked for 3 years and it started right up without any help. It pretty much is a basic LS swap. The only difference is I went stand-alone from the start as I plan on putting twins or a big single on it next year.

  3. Are you planning on replacing the T5 when you do that? I don't see any t5 holding up to a turbo LS no matter how much the internals are improved

  4. I was able to put the t5 together for less than I could get an fbody t56 for. GForce rates it at 600hp/600tq so we will see what happens. More just something I put together to get it up and running while it’s NA. When it blows I’ll either go Jericho or another road race trans unless I can find a good deal on a magnum XL.

  5. Makes sense. I hope it holds up for years to come and I can't wait to see this thing keep going.

  6. Strength weapons are the most fun way to play for me. I find sorcery throughout the series to be boring and elden ring barely changed that, dex is only fun in pvp, and i only go faith if i'm gonna be doing multiplayer cause i like supporting my team. For solo pve, bonk with no frilly add-ons is just outright the most fun for me and has never failed me.

  7. What about flaming bonk? That's my build rn and it's so fun. No buffs or anything necessary just smash and burn.

  8. Ah, and i have brick hammer, maybe i should improve that one and test...

  9. I pretty much beat the game with the brick hammer. It's one of my favorites and I couldn't wait to power stance/dual wield 2 of them on ng+. I was so disappointed when I actually did though.

  10. One of my closing managers said we should have a sweeping seminar. So many kids can’t hold a damn broom, I had to show an 18 year old how to hold a knife

  11. I'm constantly showing people how to hold a knife. Dudes in their 20s working in a restaurant still cut like they don't care about their fingers at an alarming rate.

  12. White chocolate isn't even chocolate. The name makes no sense just like the mountain chicken.

  13. That's like saying pork rinds isn't pork.

  14. Except there's more pork in pork rinds than there is cocoa in white chocolate. It'd be like saying Brussel sprouts are pork because they were roasted in bacon grease.

  15. The timing thing bugs me about my work. We'll send out entrees literally 2 minutes after salads/apps and they're almost never ready when they get to the table.

  16. Lol I forgot to mention I'm cooking them. I'll put an app in the window and tell some I sold it just to find that the entree is already about to sell. My boss does it too so I can't change it

  17. I'm so confused. Your 87 is almost $1.50 cheaper but you get 93 for $0.10 more than 91 octane here. I'm not sure whether to envy you or be happy for myself.

  18. Only if you sell it. You can make all you want for yourself.

  19. Yeah definitely not always true. If I were to this it would be a felony manufacturing a controlled substance.

  20. Iirc that was when the writer strike happened and a lot of shows just shit the bed.

  21. 12 hours?! Did you get this done with a single needle in county ?

  22. Hey if anyones still struggling with her, my partner told me to go get the Swarm of Flies incantation, so I did that.

  23. Also murdering lots of red albinurics and using the blasphemous blade worked wonders for me.

  24. So how does the scale go exactly..Skinny boy, chunk, chonk, mega chonker?

  25. Use signal instead if it's not too late. MSI's apps are pure fucking AIDS and they hijack stuff even after you've uninstalled it.

  26. Give him enough morphine/fentanyl/oxycodone that he goes in peace and quickly.

  27. Can someone please explain what in the actual fuck is going on here? Why does this guy look like an Uncle Toby's Roll Up?

  28. He's a krokodil junky who is literally rotting and infected with maggots

  29. It's hands down my favorite wing/spoiler for these cars. I'm not sure I want to do an aftermarket wing but if I do that's the one I'm getting.

  30. Smelting is more of a process than simply melting. It also includes a level of refining and extracting impurities.

  31. I had a "chef" who was a FOH manager that got promoted to chef because corporate bullshit. He decided one day he was going to burn the seasoning off of all of our pans including the Teflon egg pans. I came in and the Teflon was a neon blue as it burnt off. I'm pretty sure I quit two days later. I know it was less than a week. He also got fired eventually for groping the underage hostesses. Fuck you Greg.

  32. I used to work at St. Luke's and one of the hospitals had nurses living in RVs outside because they couldn't afford rent. I currently work with a nurse who needs 2 jobs to pay the bills. Would not recommend.

  33. This is the real fear. Claustrophobia on top of rising water. I'd die before the water did it for me.

  34. If you get coilovers make sure you get adjustable end links too. You don't want your sway bars all bound up and not working like the asshat I bought my car from. Also, end links and sway bars should be on your list. Maybe even before coils. Strut bars and chassis bracing are always good. But the biggest thing is seat time.

  35. this guy sounds like he’s a big softy inside.

  36. Guarantee it. I've said that exact line before. If I tell everyone I hate them and keep them at arm's distance I can't get hurt when they or I leave.

  37. Correct, the guy is not lying it’s similar to the brz Tsti sub-model. Pretty much an appearance package, add on. As a STI owner/driver I really do not care. I feel like WRX drivers gate-keep and gaslight the Subaru community the most lol

  38. BRZs get the brembo upgrade too. I think the rear dampers are different as well.

  39. I get asked all the time if my car is fast, and the response is always 'no, but it's really fun to drive'.

  40. Did she wear a mask when baking? I have Celiac disease and breathing in all the floating flour in the air would make me sick.

  41. Sometimes. She would always make sure her mixers were covered with plastic wrap to keep the dust down but when it got too bad she would mask up.

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