1. Looking forward to reading White Noise one day. I've read The Names before and his writing style was really challenging, despite the setting and themes being supremely fascinating to me.

  2. "I told you if you didn't shut up I'd sew your asshole shut!"

  3. Wu-Tang Grams ain't nuthin' to f*ck with.

  4. In the will of the woman whose body created it. Where do you find the "might" to force her to become a mother, unready and unwilling? In coercive laws that the supreme court upheld.

  5. Ooh yeah, maybe lather a little colgate on there...

  6. What angle is this even from? Were you on the secret demon tour where you can walk along the walls and ceilings?

  7. Is this a deepfake ? His face looks like one of these "Walter White sings feliz navidad" videos.

  8. If it were deepfake wouldn't you think the goal would be to enhance his image and his mental clarity?

  9. "How would you say your mental focus is?"

  10. Almost anywhere with 40+ year old douglas firs, oregon grape &/or salal, sword fern, shamrock, and moss. They're literally bursting out of the main trail in a spot near me in the mid Willamette Valley. Look for shrumps (shroom bumps) and flashes of red-orange in the moss. Garbage bags full!

  11. On display here is a flattening of history to serve the short term political and financial goal of rage-baiting the public with racially myopic narratives. Moving along.

  12. I just realized too that there is a major plot point late in the book that partially justifies why agents' physical identities are concealed, though the agents probably don't know why. Read on.

  13. Definitely finish reading first haha. There are some major changes in the story for the film, but it is amazing and I'd argue the best Philip K Dick adaptation, even greater than Blade Runner.

  14. Looks a little like directly across the road from rock creek campground north of Florence? But the hill may be too big for that.

  15. Exactly what I was thinking. The photo seems to show a bridge with a handrail though, whereas that section is just guardrail once you get that close to the hill.

  16. Experienced mushroom forager here. I don't know where you are but most species worth foraging for are fruiting in the days and weeks after rains come, and even before. I found tons of prime lobster mushrooms in bone dry forest duff this year, well before any rains. They and others will be fruiting on an off for months now. While a good rain can trigger a big flush, the timing is different for different patches, different regions, different sides of the mountain, etc. It isn't like, it rained last night but I didn't get out until 3 PM and now all the mushrooms in my area are gross. Chanterelles can grow for many days or weeks through sun and rain and they'll be perfectly edible when picked.

  17. There's always the Edgar Allen Poe album by Alan Parsons.

  18. The savagery in Night by Elie Wiesel was almost too much for me, imagining this happening to my relatives.

  19. Wow, you found a book about someone’s real life experiences too realistic, color me surprised.

  20. Actually yeah it should be fictional haha. It was a very lucid account, you know what I mean.

  21. Southtown farmstand and market at the end of Alexander St. has great local fruit. Tuesdays from 5-7 pm!

  22. Wow that's incredible colorization. Very convincing.

  23. If you're west of the Cascades, I've had Pojar and McKinnon's Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast for years and I love it. It has color photos and line drawings of features, plus good notes sections that often include some medicinal and practical uses that tribes had for the plant.

  24. Selling out is lame, the corporate music industry is lame, sincere art is good. Doesn't mean the mega-celebrities of prog made bad music, but it's still lame when they feed the culture vultures.

  25. Hell yeah, congratulations. I've noticed my vocabulary and my imagination getting more robust when I get back into reading after a couple months.

  26. A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick really tore me up.

  27. The legion of horribles passage I think is the longest stretch without a period. Although technically, grammatically, I believe it would classify as a sentence fragment and not a complete sentence.

  28. It would be wild if someone tried to paint a Hieronymous Bosch style painting of these scenes.

  29. I'm surprised nobody has recommended Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, who Black Midi reminds me of. I know it's older but try One Size Fits All, or any number of their albums.

  30. My take, which is upsetting to woke museum professionals, is that they’d be going absolutely apeshit if a conservative musician were playing it. Generally this stuff should be left alone.

  31. The fact that "conservative musician" means anything in our culture is so dumb.

  32. Pretty good this year. Some of our oaks are 300+ years old and you can't not not get hit right now. Good mast crop IMO. Even our cork oaks have a good crop.

  33. What part of the Willamette valley do you live in?

  34. MWV as well, seeing more this year than last around our neighborhood and the nearby wooded area.

  35. That's interesting. Do you know if the wooded area is public land? I'm looking to gather some for a batch of acorn flour.

  36. I don't know about best, but this got me thinking about who has been most innovative and influential historically.

  37. Similar thing here in Dallas, OR. But it was 2020 that was insane huge drops. That reminds me, I’ve been wanting to go find some sweet white oaks to forage 🤔. I better scout around.

  38. Yeah it would be interesting to see if certain sections of the landscape were on different cycles. Like maybe oaks in the foothills vs. in the floodplains, Coast Range vs. Cascades, north valley vs. south, etc.

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