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  1. So many things we use in our daily lives come from china you're supporting them wether you like it or not.

  2. When I bought my Holosun a dude the counter said " you know you just paid the Chinese government right?" Ironically enough, I bought it at a marine corps exchange, so the DOD actually paide the Chinese government.

  3. Super nice. They just have their own vibe and I love it

  4. Try toscano. It blew my mind. It's like even better parmesan.

  5. Little up and down arrows on the backside of the steering wheel

  6. You don’t want a goretex top and bottoms anyway, they will cook you like a hot pocket. I generally go with water-resistant pants and a poncho for breathability and have played in rain and snow that way.

  7. You now have me thinking of the times walking around in Okinawa in a summer typhoon, sweating my fucking ass off. Rain or sweat, I'm wet and smell like shit.

  8. If you shoot someone up close with it, At least 2% chance they will be sad.

  9. Why mag fed? They are cumbersome and the mags are huge on their own.

  10. Agreed. I have a dumbass Turkish Typhoon f12 that takes a box mag. A ten Rd 12 gauge box is bigger than a 40 round 7.62x39 mag. But I also agree options for home defense (pistol, rifle, shotgun) is good practice.

  11. Do you think the rail wrap will increase the heat on barrel tho. Also if you wouldn’t mind plz comment back later with if it worked

  12. I have the same hotpocket from wisemen. Paired with shooting in gloves, makes for a better time.

  13. Streamlight TLR1HL and odin or tier one concealed holster.

  14. I got the Danner reckonings when I was enlisted. I still wear them when I go shooting

  15. No issue on mine. Comp comes off and on often. Only.issues is one on the cross way screws stripped.

  16. Don't quote me but I think non CA ones have the ability to fire a round with out the magazine inserted.

  17. So I did manually insert one into the chamber without a mag in and fired it.. so that does work

  18. No shit? I thought mine didn't. I also have a CA P22 but I also never fire it.

  19. Why not a LPVO? that seems to be the norm now days. But out of those two I'd go eotech but with a primary arms 3x magnifier. I don't have a magnifier, but supposedly they line up perfect with eotechs, have a better eyebox, and are cheaper.

  20. I can see that. I don't have one nor have used one. But just to pose a different point of view. Are you just looking to fill a distance gap with this weapon? Quick engagements out that far or just able to? I only ask because you have other options that could work. I have a eotech 512 and can hit 15x15 steel out of my 762x39 galil at 340 yards, supported, reliably. So that eotech is capable of what you are looking for. But if your looking for more abilty(I suppose how you'd say it) you could save some weight and optic manipulation with a 3x optic, and an offset red dot.

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