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  1. I put off doing most of the pre-patch stuff until last night. Now I'm having a "unique" issue and not sure where to ask:

  2. There's some weird bug where a random addon will throw an error when you hit certain keybinds (I once had it with a "sell junk" addon, then later with Auctionator). Disable your addons & make sure they're updated, then re-enable them.

  3. Is there an easy way to find out what items I'm missing to make a "Set" in the Transmog window? I thought I had everything for the

  4. Who is it that picked this phrasing? It's obviously planned. "Grifter" is a word I have seen maybe once in the past year or two and now numerous times in this thread and various children?

  5. Words become popular when they're used appropriately. It doesn't mean "obviously planned," just that the shoe fits.

  6. I never liked that, no idea why some people hyped it so much (back when you needed addons). I prefer for each individual bag to have its purpose using the Blizz default sorting (gear, consumables, reagents, junk, etc).

  7. You can still do that with the unified bag. Right click on the bag icon at the top of the window, and you get options for your Backpack, Bag 1, Bag 2, etc. and can dedicate them to specific things.

  8. Check the launcher, there will be one hour of downtime before DF goes live.

  9. It's also likely that the EU wouldn't give them membership. A) they have a land border with the UK and we've all seen how complicated the border in Ireland is. B) their economic powers as an independent country are unknown and likely to be comparable to some of the economically weaker countries of the EU, which doesn't make them a very favourable member (France and Germany don't want to have to support them the way they have had to with Greece, Spain, and Italy). C) there are a number of other countries that have been attempting to join the EU for a few years now and they probably wouldn't want to let Scotland jump the queue.

  10. The border in Ireland is a unique problem due to the Good Friday Agreement. The Scottish border would not have the same problem.

  11. But how is this specific thing less fun for you? Just don't do it?

  12. You're not understanding: tuning content to make the top 1% happy has spillover effects that can make regular content unpleasant for everyone else. Making class or rule changes to please the 1% can make it un-fun for everyone else.

  13. Pal, I do understand that in SOME cases this is true, but I'm asking you how THIS SPECIFIC THING, affects you, if you're gonna just keep ducking my question don't bother replying at all.

  14. I was never talking just about this specific issue, so you trying to "gotcha" me here is just laughably pathetic. Fuck off kid.

  15. While I think it might be one of the most interesting scenarios (campaigns, actually) I've ever read, I know it would not work with my current gaming group. Nor, quite honestly, do I think I could do it justice as Handler.

  16. Exactly my feeling as well. It's extremely well written, but I just have no desire to run it as a campaign. There's too many moving parts & it would be very difficult to maintain the story over all the decades of time it takes place.

  17. My thought is to insert other missions into the time gaps so that the time jumps are smaller but more frequent.

  18. I considered that, but then it becomes ... messy. Lots of opportunities for total party wipes which makes the next section of IL kinda feel out of place.

  19. No. Druids can learn Cloth and Leather, but not Mail or Plate.

  20. I've seen no actual patch notes saying that this is true, and it's not worked in the pre-patch.

  21. I’m gonna be real if ur spending hundreds of hours on a discord that’s a bit concerning

  22. I take it you've never actually moderated a server before.

  23. This is one of the shittiest things you can do, hang a suicide threat on other people because you're not getting the answer you want. I hope you get some help, but it won't be from me.

  24. When has forgotten realms ever actually changed?

  25. Look up the Spellplague, for one. Pretty much every major edition change has come with a major shift in FR metaplot.

  26. I've always assumed that Quark was just winding Odo up for shits and giggles. Ferengi are absolutely capable of lying.

  27. Oh he might have been. But the fact Odo was surprised Quark even knew how to work a transporter was my main point. It seems to be an uncommon skill outside folks who've been in Starfleet or other space-faring occupations.

  28. Those are pre-programmed and likely using lots of redundant systems to send you to a set destination (ie. you tell it "Paris, France" and it sends you right to another transporter pad in Paris). Whereas ship based transporters need you to punch in the exact coordinates of your destination, being mindful you don't materialize someone into a couch or something.

  29. I don't understand why this anger is being pivoted to the straight allies for seemingly not doing enough. This gunman is the lineage of a MAGA politician and used those privileges to protect himself from detection while simmering in an echo chamber. I don't think there were any allies around the gunman until he was tackled by one during the shooting. The failure is with those that enabled him. I don't understand what you're suggesting should be done if supporting each other, voting, and educating are subpar.

  30. They're speaking up against the platitudes of "don't give in to hate, love the enemy" that some so-called allies trot out any time LGBT+ people get angry & talk about arming ourselves or organizing for safety. Those people are not actually helping, they're telling us to sit down, shut up, and play nice with the terrorists so that they can get back to pretending we're just colorful window-dressing in their lives.

  31. If that's Tarantino's point, he's lost touch with the audiences. The point is that star power doesn't attract people anymore. They don't care about the name or the face, they care about the story & the theatrics. His nostalgia for the days of big stars is his problem, not ours.

  32. They are BoP, so no. You can have up to three copies of a Battle Pet though, so learn those & then you can delete the rest.

  33. It was actually amazing for artists. Getting their work retweeted exposed them to new potential fans & customers, so Twitter dying is going to hurt them the most.

  34. I'm planning to run an Eberron campaign fairly soon and this seems like a good place to ask this:

  35. Depends on what you want to get out of it. Some of the old 3.5e books are fantastic if you're interested in their topic. You could grab

  36. As a DM, how does one get to know Eberron in 2022? I've always been interested in running a campaign in the setting, but every time I look at how many different setting books there are I feel daunted and don't know where to start.

  37. Upvoted. Why tf do ppl downvote legitimate questions that get legitimate answers. This was the only comment I was looking for because I had no idea wtf happened and it got buried under negative karma because redditor hivemind.

  38. Because game subs are full of people who think they're hardcore, and therefore anyone who doesn't already know about a game function are n00bs who need to learn their place. Downvotes are just unfortunately how these people react to anyone trying to learn the game.

  39. The handheld Type II phasers from Star Trek VI are my favorites. Sleek, compact, and still fitting the phaser "look" established through TOS.

  40. Thank you, it's the "false flag" part that I was missing. Otherwise, I was going ", Antifa is good according to you, right?"

  41. yeah, the concept comes from the fact that the Proud Boys and others have started showing up to drag shows armed & threatening people. So there have been a few events where some antifa counter-protesters showed up armed as well... and the far-right flipped their shit.

  42. Thanks. I was aware about the people preventing Proud Boys from entering events, but didn't realize how they saw things linked together.

  43. Getting into the ultra-conservative mindset is... not easy. Especially if you weren't raised around people who buy into it. It's very divorced from reality & heavily based on "gut feeling". There's a strong belief that facts are debatable & "Truth" is something one just knows.

  44. The Delta green slip case is going to be half off on black Friday.

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