1. Ngl if you hook one of these tow cars to the back of a powerful pickyp truck and then you and your mates get in the tow car and have the truck driven quickly you can have some great fun

  2. Look at the bright side, where else can you get a colon cleanse for under £2.

  3. Go to the pub and eat all the chilli peanuts off the bar top.

  4. I now have so many questions. But first the obvious one: how did you come into possession of them? Did you buy a plot of land that had them on?

  5. werst place in ingerland is four shure sheffeyld beycauss theyy stolern thener steeal industry fromn consett ande im wantet my metel busnes bakc i lovern chips nd graby

  6. £32k yearly doing farm machinery repair work. No degree, hardly finished secondary school

  7. why does noone ever visit the pennines it looks just as good in places

  8. I'll tell her to have a look out for them when she next goes shopping. You're making me hungry now too!!!!

  9. You can get them at heron foods in the uk however they cost about £3. Id say its worth it for the taste though.

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