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  1. Theres a 120 year old water works in my city thats still operating and you can feel the ground rumbling when standing near the building. You can see the whirlpools outside where the intakes are and you can just feel the tremendous power of all the water rushing through the pipes. It feels unnerving just to be near it.

  2. It feels unnerving just reading about it, lol 😳 I have a huge fear of things like whirlpools. Obviously not jacuzzis or anything where the water just swirls around...but I'm talking about the ones like you mention that can pull someone under water.

  3. Oh yeah almost. Totally wouldn't literally die of a heart attack if I found out i was swimming above a big sunken plane nope...

  4. Your comment just put the pics into an even more terrifying perspective, thinking about finding out I was swimming above that

  5. For some reason, upon first glance at the title, I read it as "Two of Titanic's testicle-ridden engines". I probably shouldn't have shared that but I couldn't know that by myself.

  6. Looks like the new subnautica got leaked

  7. Christopher calling Adriana his smelly valentine after she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

  8. “Carmela my mother’s here” as Livia is bitching about the mesquite

  9. God, when Finn said he didn't want to take a job away from a minority, makes me want to smack him! LOL

  10. I actually haven’t done anything about it up until this point. Just been annoyed but gotten over it. This shit, however, is specifically where I’m not going to put up with it. I’m going to go over there in the morning, as well, as I noticed this all in the evening. I can’t even get through avoiding the rocks. I just feel bad for the house across from them; the pile is DIRECTLY in front of their driveway.

  11. What a bunch of assholes! I can't even fathom anyone doing something like that and thinking that it's ok! I hope the city throws the book at them.

  12. I would rather they tweet that than just act on their feelings without warning.

  13. Oh dear God.... I hope the disturbed individual who wrote this didn't follow through with his threat?

  14. Finn told Meadow that he saw Vito in the car with that security guard

  15. Adriana, more noble than the other wives? lmfao. What a bunch of horsecrap.

  16. I don't see it as stupidity... but naivety. There's a difference. And as you said, being younger played a role in it as well. I think she didn't speak up and ask for a lawyer earlier not because she was stupid, but scared and because she was scared, it made her thinking unclear. A lot of people get that way when they're scared. Also remember how a lot of police do interrogations whether it's federal or state: when you ask for a lawyer they go out of their way to make you feel like it makes you look guilty. If it were me I'd lawyer up regardless of what they think... because I know my rights and I know the prosecutor couldn't bring up me lawyering up immediately as "evidence" that I'm guilty. But Ade doesn't have a single bit of experience with the police or feds AND she is still almost a kid (I'm 47 so to ME she is), so there's that too.

  17. I personally think there needs to be more people in this country willing to sacrifice themselves socially to bring about laughter, as this person is so selflessly doing. The mental image of the expressions on the library/bookstore employees faces each time they see him, plus imagining the conversation amongst them that ensues upon his exit, is funny af to me.

  18. Which resulted in a civil war when House Baratheon was angered by his refusal to marry one of their daughters.

  19. So true. Anyone that knows the story of King Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville (Henry VIII's grandparents) easily know this. The show "The White Queen", which is about the War of the Roses, tells the story.

  20. ah-Crab Man woulda never do anyting on trade routes with the aahprrooooval of da Senate

  21. Ooh! Ooh! Johnny Sacks in "The Sopranos"! Veddy, veddy good one! 👍👏

  22. Definitely true. My manager reprimanded me for being a go-getter and always trying to find solutions to problems. He pulled me into a conference room to scold me and told me I was “too independent”, whatever the fuck that means. Needless to say I had little respect for him before. I had zero respect for him after that.

  23. OMG that's messed up to scold someone for being TOO GOOD at their job! He's obviously feeling threatened and knows you'll have his job at some point. But instead of using that as a motivator to do better, he wants you to lower your standards. What a pathetic creep!!!

  24. Ohhh that's f*cked up! You should share your concerns with Uber Eats. The restaurants are SUPPOSED to put a seal over the cup that also goes across the hole for the straw so that for anyone to take a drink from it would have to break that seal.

  25. In the uk we have ice cream trucks that sell drugs. We had one near where I lived years ago, always around 11pm and just junkies would appear to buy from it 😂

  26. I bet the cops liked to linger around those trucks and then check out the people that bought from it afterward!

  27. U may be on to something. A few years back, I kept seeing a shadow person in the same place every day. Every time I would pass this area, I would see it out of the corner of my eye but when I turned to look it wasn’t there. Interestingly enough, I only had two mirrors in the whole house. This shadow was always standing in the exact spot that those two mirrors intersected. This went on every day for two months. Never told anyone about it. Then one day, I met a man that I invited over. We were sitting on the couch talking when he stopped midsentence, looked to his side and questioned what he just saw. He said he saw the bottom half of a shadow person. Just from the waist down. He had never had an experience like this and was thoroughly freaked out. I explained to him that although I didn’t see what he saw that I knew exactly what he was talking about. I told him what I had been seeing for two months. I explained to him that I was shamanic. I apologized to him for what I was about to tell him. I told him that I believed that was a spirit of death and that unfortunately the fact that it came and stood next to him indicated to me that someone near him was soon to die. Every time I had seen it, it was always far away. When I asked my spirit guides what that meant, I was told not to worry. That this death would be at arms length for me. Meaning, not someone close to me. He immediately said oh no my stepdad is actually getting better. They’re moving him from ICU to IMC, today. I asked him about his stepdad as I was unaware. Remember, we had just met. Anyways, fast forward a couple of days. This man and I made arrangements for him to come over again when I got off work. I was expecting him around 7-7:30. When he didn’t show, I found myself constantly checking the windows every time I saw a light pass to see if it was him. I’m on the phone FaceTiming a different friend when all of a sudden I saw a man in khaki pants get up off my couch and walk towards the window as if looking and waiting for my new friend! But it was only the bottom half of him! My friend that I’m on the phone w could see I was reacting to something and asked me about it. So glad I had a witness to my non ordinary reality. My new friend finally showed up about an hour later. He apologized for being late as he put items down in the kitchen. I responded “ that’s ok! Someone was here waiting for u” “ I don’t know who it was but he was wearing khaki pants and he was looking out the window waiting for u to get here, like me.” His jaw dropped in shock. I was like oh shit. Why did I just say that? Why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut about what I saw? I normally do. But in that moment I just couldn’t help it. When he finally spoke, he told me the reason he was late was cuz his stepdad had just died.

  28. That's wild! So the shadow person you saw that seemed to be a grim reaper of sorts, seeing as how you said it appears when someone is about to die, and the man you said you saw in the khaki pants, were only visible from the waist down?? I got chills when reading that part! I wonder why you only saw the bottom part of them? Any theories? But the other shadow people you have seen before you saw the entire being, right? Shadow people really creep me out for some reason. I've never heard of them hurting anyone. Everyone I have heard say that they have seen a shadow person have all said that they seem just really curious about us.

  29. A psychomanteum is considered to be a spirit portal.

  30. Wow! I have never heard of a psychomanteum and for some reason the word grabbed my interest, and so I googled it and! I'm intrigued! I love the paranormal and learning new things like this.

  31. You said you felt the can shoot itself upright…. How did that happen?

  32. It had to have been an angel that intervened. That's what I believe, anyway.

  33. I really love to read NDE’s. Thanks for sharing yours but after 15 years, do you find yourself still not afraid of death?

  34. Have you checked out all the stories of NDEs on YouTube? They have a ton of them.

  35. I wish I had an answer for you, but I found your story very interesting. Also, I love Alan Rickman, LOL. I had no idea he died! 😔

  36. I'm so sorry about Alice's death! I bet Nathan is some sort of demon

  37. It sounds like your intuition is trying to tell you something. And the unusual coldness, if it's not due to unseasonably cold weather outside... which I'm guessing that's been ruled out since you are saying it's certain ROOMS that are unnaturally cold...raises questions like: has there been any strange activity going on in your house? Things you can't explain? Because unusual cold combined with feelings of uneasiness and being watched lead me to think you may have some negative paranormal activity going on.

  38. It may surprise you but there are people that study family curses in a very schematic, yet not scientific, way. An obscure branch of psychoanalysis studies what they call "intergenerational transmission", According to them, issued that can not be resolved by a certain person some how permeate it's bloodline, so it could be resolved in the future by a more competent individual (this is an extremely simplistic way to resume it) this approach it's not supernatural per se, but recognizes the existence of means of transmission beyond generations that can not be explained by regular science or linguistics, i made a paper on it a long time ago, it's interesting, don't expect to find clear answer though.

  39. That sounds a little like it involves "race memories"... which in case you don't already know, are memories stored in the collective consciousness of ancestors... and if I understand it correctly, would mean that we sort of "inherit" memories from our ancestors, which I think would be necessary if a person were to try to lift a generational curse, because they'd need access to their ancestors memories.

  40. Not me but my older sister. She had a close relationship with our uncle (mom’s younger brother) and was even named as a beneficiary on his social security benefits because he sort of treated her as his own daughter before he had kids of his own.

  41. She might be more believable if she'd said something BEFORE his death....

  42. I get what you mean but in the family setting I grew up in, my parents and grandparents were conservative baptists. So conservative that talks about paranormal events such as precognitive dreams are automatically tied to the devil. Meaning, talking about stuff like this automatically indicates that you have a failing relationship with god so you have to rebuke it and pray it away. So I didn’t really expect her to be vocal about it. She was still a teenager at the time. I don’t think the adults would listen to a teenage girl talk about seeing her uncle die in her dream. Does that make sense?

  43. Absolutely, those with greyscale also go mad

  44. Oh yeah, I had actually forgotten about that. Thanks for your reply!

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