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  1. Amen, my 13 year old sister should be able to buy full auto 10/22s from Brownells catalogs 🤷‍♂️ call me a radical but shall not be infringed hold no fucking exceptions

  2. Some of the youngest revolutionary war soldiers were 14.... Anybody any age is capable of helping fight tyranny, thus shall not be infringed.

  3. Yep we had some good hard workers in the mines as young as 6 once upon a time. Good old days

  4. Whatever device you sent your message from was likely sold to you at a deflated price due to international child labor, so yeah - glad you reap the benefit.

  5. So your goal is for the government to launder the task of infringement through a private third party, as to not violate the 2nd amendment, but still ensure infringement occurs?

  6. At least it's better than that judge who threatened the guy who had cancer with jail for not mowing his lawn.

  7. Agreed. Empty threats are bogus, that judge should have locked him up and thrown away the key!

  8. Thank you! I’ve dusted the area and blown it in the hole. And now, we wait.

  9. TIFU by accidentally kissing the snake in my wall and catching feelings.

  10. This isn’t kindergarten, you can have multiple best friends.

  11. This isn't a sorority sisters wedding with a bridal party of 14. "Best" is literal and has a meaning.

  12. Why do people keep asking you about your responsibilities.. I’m getting heavy misogyny vibes.. there’s nothing wrong with being there for your best friend.. many adults make this work with 0 issue..

  13. We don't know the relationship with BFF. Husband may see that relationship between OP and BFF as one sided and abusive and not want to enable / support it. We don't know.

  14. 2 sides of the same coin. Each side has been manipulated to believe the other is the enemy when its their overlords that are the real villains.

  15. CPA. can confirm. People get royally screwed when they do taxes themselves. Flat tax is the way to go.

  16. System is set for you to fail. Either have connections or pay someone who knows.

  17. If there is no police because they have been defunded and/or demoralized - good luck getting help from them.

  18. This man has never met an actual criminal if he thinks his security system is a deterrent. I mean literally BTK used to install security systems. Not to mention the fact that criminals are fucking smart about shit like this

  19. His answer to "slow response times" is that his security system is deterring criminals? Does he think criminals are unaware of the slow response times, or does he think his system works in some other way?

  20. “That” state won’t protect you, since it’s owned by capitalists, your state will always follow their order.

  21. Yes the creepy fucking dictator shows no signs of letting go.

  22. Only a racist would call a black man who is trying to help protect them a "creepy fucking dictator"

  23. What kind of domestic terrorist goes to a PTA conference. Have fun being on an FBI list now.

  24. Probably a Negative NW tbh - tons of hair on the top with nothing on the back and sides.

  25. nah don't mock this man. There are people who are just stupid and then there are people who have serious mental illness, some sort of anxiety disorder. That guy's the latter. Have some compassion guys

  26. Stupid is doing errands in the middle of a fucking pandemic. A disorder is alcoholism, needing a drink so badly you go out in the middle of a pandemic and more importantly against your husband's will? I have no compassion for man who cannot control his wife; Doubly so in the middle of a pandemic.

  27. If you arent wearing N95 rn you are literally a granny killer and should mask up both your mouth and your ass to prevent both covid and monkeypox.

  28. Nah, most likely in their late teens or 20's but never had a real father figure.

  29. An 8 year old has awareness. An 8 year old can feel, think and remember. An 8 year old isn't completely reliant on a woman's body part to stay alive. A fetus and a 8 year old are simple incomparable.

  30. There's a big difference between pregnancy and donating a kidney. You might not be aware of this, but before they let you donate a kidney they go through a whole thing to make sure that (1) you really are willing and (2) the risk of harm to your health is as low as they can get it. If you get sick, they wait for you to get better before you have the surgery, etc. A lot of people simply aren't allowed to donate, no matter how willing. And a lot of people with kidney disease won't accept a donation because they don't want to put anyone else through what donating entails.

  31. Not understanding the consequence of an action has never absolved somebody of killing before.

  32. I clearly don't what? Please make simple complete sentences, so I understand what you're trying to convey.

  33. Consider it porn. It'd be nice if you didn't wander into discussions that are already being made. If you have something you want to say start a new thread. Or don't just post a picture.


  35. You still think an embryo is a fetus? Fuck bro, you've literally done no research after being told to like 25 times you're just fucking dumb. Leave me alone.

  36. Admit you are using terms interchangeably


  38. Wait a few more years after they try to spend their way out of inflation and your US dollar will go a lot further - it'll be the perfect place to retire.

  39. You say that, but doing pretty much just that made us the only big economy that didn't make millions homeless in 2008.

  40. SS: This is to make users aware that politicians are now trying to restrict what books can and can't be sold by private businesses in a follow up from banning books in schools and libraries.

  41. If a 14 year old can't go watch "The Breakfast Club" why should they be able to buy a book that contains graphic images of pedophilia / child pornography.

  42. What is the libertarian take on this? Should a minor be able to buy a book with graphic images of child pornography? Should anybody be able to?

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