1. You have to link your wallet, send seed phrase lol jk 😂

  2. I studied abroad in the UK and want to do this as well haha! L4 currently but I’ll be lurking to see the answers 😂

  3. :D just trying to do my part to shill. Subtle but hopefully effective!

  4. Lol nice! I hold both and dogelon so do all the shilling you want friend

  5. Ok sorry for the dumb question, but can someone explain what reflections are? Using Coinbase Wallet for reference. Thank you in advance

  6. And just for clarity’s sake, if you’re using Coinbase Wallet, you’re getting reflections.

  7. The real question is actually, “what am I going to pawn so I can buy more 🤔” lol

  8. It’s a dead wallet - you transfer your Shib in to it

  9. Key part, says via the burn portal. Don’t be a smartass

  10. Does anybody know their revenue from last year?

  11. I know they have 300 franchise apps, so the profit will definitely reflect the number which is good

  12. It sells for different prices in different exchanges, they will always differ and only show the ATH for their platform

  13. Could have spent that on more shib tho 🤔🤔 tough call lol

  14. So if everyone in this community watches on YouTube we will be far and above 57,000 and get that 100 billy burned

  15. That’s perfect, fill the bags before Shibarium drops

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