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  1. So, to cap off the major individuals who Marvel Studios have brought and absorbed into the MCU so far:

  2. Your forgot to add Jarvis from Agent Carter and Blackbolt from Inhumans.

  3. Exactly how long was this film supposed to be originally? And I thought 2 hours and 41 minutes is already long in it of itself.

  4. In other words: The leakers were full of it. Why is this not surprising.

  5. If she's correct, could it be Mr. Fantastic or Wonder Man, perhaps? Is there anyone else in Marvel that Cavill might be a good fit to portray?

  6. Definitely Tom Holland's Spider-Man in those images.

  7. The Spider-Man in the D23 poster looks more like Andrew Garfield's incarnation of the character than Tom Holland's.

  8. Here's a hypothetical: you've been selected to be the new director for the next MCU Spider-Man trilogy. What areas and setting would you focus on, which supprting characters would you bring onto the fray, and most importantly, what would be the main theme you want the audience to take away from the films?

  9. I love BCS, it's probably one of my all-time favorite shows as a close second to Daredevil. Dare I say it, probably I think it is genuinely one of the greatest shows of all time. But not sure why some people in the BCS fanbase are so wound up about She-Hulk, they are two completely different shows, and they aren't even remotely comparable other than the fact they have lawyers. Obviously, I think BCS is the better show by a long shot most probably and I can understand the show not being your thing, but it looks like some people in the BCS fanbase are like pissed about it existing. It's kinda pathetic.

  10. Better Call Saul is a legal crime drama series. She-Hulk is a superhero legal comedy show. That alone should have already distinguished the difference in tone regarding the two.

  11. Don't know if he is joking or if he's made a typo by mistake, but in another post,

  12. Rumors of his return haven't been as loud and prominent as the return of other Netflix Marvel characters.

  13. What are your top-5 favorite non-MCU TV series of all-time?

  14. No doubt they'll make serious bank this week. Next week though is a bit of an unknown, with the film getting mixed reviews. Time will tell on how strong its legs are based from WOM.

  15. It's safe to say that The DisInsider has dipped down on the leaker credibility ranks.

  16. Seen some on social media wondering if the Illuminati battle could have been different if Superior Iron Man was in the picture.

  17. Weird that the MCU keeps being being referred to by film characters as Earth-616 when its official designated number currently is Earth-199999.

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